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Indian locomotive class YDM-4 Type and origin Power type Diesel Builder,, Model,, Build date 1961 onwards Total produced 800 Approximately Specifications Configuration: ​ •, Co'Co' ( 3 ft 3 3⁄ 8 in) ALCO Asymmetric cast frame trimount Wheel diameter 965 mm (3 ft 2 in) Length 15.60 m (51 ft 2 1⁄ 8 in) Width 2,730 mm (8 ft 11 in) Height 3,635 mm (11 ft 11 in) 12,000 kg (26,000 lb) Loco weight 72,000 kg (159,000 lb) ALCo/DLW, 67,000 kg (148,000 lb) MLW Fuel type Fuel capacity 3,000 L (660 imp gal; 790 US gal) Lubricant cap. Contents • • • • • • • History [ ] In the mid 1950s began introducing diesel locomotives to its metre gauge system. Metre gauge, though rare gauge today, used to be a dominant gauge that time.

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After the introduction of YDM-1 locomotives by, Indian Railway thought for more powerful ones and hence (EMD) and the (ALCO) submitted designs of () and YDM-4 respectively for new diesel locomotives. Each company supplied 30 locomotives in 1961. While YDM-3 was 13 ton lighter than the YDM-4, Indian Railways opted for the design because of the heavier axle load and technology agreement that would allow these locomotives to be manufactured in India.

The content in this Portal is the result of a collaborative effort of various Indian Railways Entities and Departments Maintained by CRIS, Ministry of Railways, Government of India. The Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) in Varanasi, India, is a production unit owned by Indian Railways, for which it manufactures diesel locomotives and spare parts. Contents[show] History Founded in 1961, the DLW rolled out its first locomotive three years later, on January 3, 1964.

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After (DLW) completed construction of its factory in Varanasi, production of the locomotives began in India. Initial 30 YDM-4 locomotives supplied by American Locomotive Company (ALCo) in 1961 had the road numbers in #6020 to #6049 range. Another batch of 8 locomotives followed the route to India soon which had the road numbers in #6105-6112 range. YDM-4 #6113-6129 were built perhaps in 1964. Siliguri Diesel Locoshed was the first DLS to home YDM-4 locomotives in 1962.

The very first YDM4 numbered as #6020 was allotted to New Guwahati Diesel Loco Shed which was an outbase of Siliguri DLS on. The loco, however is assumed to be scrapped due to overage. YDM4 numbered in #6130 to #6198 range were built by Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW) in 1964 under the license of ALCo and were classified as YDM-4A.

All the YDM-4 delivered till then were presumably based at three premier DLS across India namely Siliguri (SGUJ), Golden Rock (GOC) and Sabarmati (SBI). The First YDM-4 built by Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) Varanasi was #6199 christened as Hubli.

This loco rolled out from DLW in 1968 and was dedicated to the nation by the then Deputy Prime Minister of India, Morarji Desai. DLW built at first locos in the range #6199 to #6258.


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Another batch of YDM-4A were dispatched from MLW in 1969 in the range #6259 to #6288. From 1969 till 1993 DLW produced YDM-4 locomotives for Indian Railways in the number range #6289 to #6769. Last YDM-4 was based at Rangapara North outbse of Siliguri DLS but later on transferred to and possibly renumbered as DF1332. Free download semi games.

[ ] Sheds holding YDM-4 [ ] Functional [ ] • Kachehri (satellite shed of Izatnagar) • (outbase of Golden Rock. YDM4 draws 56136 Mettupalayam Ooty Passenger from Coonoor to Udhagamandalam) • • • (outbase of Phulera) • • (satellite shed, locos outbased from NER) • • • Non-functional [ ] • • • (outbase of Golden Rock. Held 4 locos that worked on the Mysore Chamrajnagar line. MYS had its own logo and livery though it was a GOC Outbase) • • • • (outbase of Siliguri) • • • (satellite of Siliguri shed) • Technical specifications [ ] Manufacturers Alco, MLW, DLW Engine Alco 251-D,, 1,400 (1,000 ) (1,300 hp or 970 kW site rating) with Alco turbocharged engine.