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Kurtlar Vadisi: Filistin - 2010 Mp4 indir Turbobit - Fileserve - Ul.to Teklink Filmden Kareler. I love what I've read about Valley of the Wolves (Kurtlar Vadisi) movies ('Valley of the Wolves. It on most torrent or streaming sites, and if they do have it there are too few seeders to download. Kurtlar Vadisi: Filistin (2011).

I am writing the review again as somehow my old review written in 2011 got deleted. This film is jus like any action film which shud jus be enjoyed for its awesome action sequences. Saw this in 2011 on a rented dvd. Bought a dvd copy of it. Came across this title on you tube n found the trailer to b mind blowing. Its like Rambo on steroids. Of course the body count aint anywhere close to Rambo 4.

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The gun firing sequences r awesomely shot. The bombings, the chase, the mini war like sequence is top notch. The editing is crispy, the acting serviceable n the direction brilliant. Action fans will rejoice. Some haters r finding it unbelievable that an elite group of only four Palestinian soldiers wreak havoc on the sadist military group responsible for the Gaza Flotilla Raid. And the same group of haters rejoice when Bond, Xander Cage, Ethan Hunt, Rambo, etc single handedly take on huge armies.

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Havent seen any of its prequel or sequel but looking forward for Valley of the wolves: Homeland as the trailer is awesome.