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Starring Silambarasan Jyothika Goundamani Sindhu Tolani Mayuri Mandira Bedi Santhanam Atul.


Mythili (Jyothika) has recurrent nightmares of being attacked by a serial killer. When she meets a man Mathan (Simbu) who looks like the serial killer in her dreams, she is at once horrified and attracted. Mathan does in fact fit the description of a man who prowls and kills 'westernized' women in bars. When the net closes in on Mathan, Mythili is inadvertently sucked into the police investigation into the grisly murders. Simbu's first filmmaking venture makes watchable fare and is a significant departure from his earlier 'little superstar' series. This movie was definitely of a different genre compared to the other Tamil movies released around the same time. Silambarasan's acting was also quite good.

Add to it the fact that he acts like Rajnikanth, who is revered by the Tamils. I believe it was these three factors that made everyone applaud Manmadhan.

However, one had to only see Kamal Haasan's Sigappu Rojakkal to see how Silamabarasan used the same theme (hatred of women) and story but tweaked the story line to create a mystery. If you have never seen Sigappu Rojakkal, you will enjoy Manmadhan. But since I had seen Kamal's movie first, I was not very impressed by Manmadhan.

The events leading up to the main character's hatred for women sound more logical in Sigappu Rojakkal. Furthermore, I cannot understand why Jyothika looked so old in this movie - she seemed to be wearing no makeup.

Add to this the real age difference between Silambarasan and Jyothika! But I have to credit Silamabarasan with the way he introduced some novel concept (the usage of a twin brother) to make the movie a mystery while Sigappu Rojakkal seemed to be pure horror.

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Running time 143 minutes Country India Language Tamil Budget ₹5 crore Manmadhan (: மன்மதன்) (English: Cupid) is 2004 film directed and written by A. Murugan who co-wrote the dialogues along with Balakumaran. Played dual roles for the first time in his career while,, and played the supporting roles. The film's score and soundtrack are composed. The film revolves around twin brothers, Madhan Kumar (Manmadhan) and Madhan Raj, with the former being a serial killer of incorrect girls who cheat in the name of love and the latter being an innocent and a sincere lover. And won critical acclaim for their performances and both were nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress Category at Filmfare Awards respectively. The film was released on 12 November 2004.

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It was later dubbed into Telugu as Manmadha. It was also remade in Kannada as with and in the lead roles. Contents • • • • • • • Plot [ ] Madhan Kumar () is a well-respected and well-educated by profession, who lives in and also learns music as part-time in a musical college. Mythili () also learns music from the same college. Mythili gets scared seeing Madhan because once she had a dream of getting raped by him. Later on, she realizes his kind nature and they both become good friends.

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But Madhan also has another side under the pseudonym Manmadhan, in which he finds and kills morally incorrect girls in Chennai. He takes the dead bodies of those girls to drainage and burns them to ashes and stores it in bottles with the names of the girls pasted over the bottle.

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Media attention turns towards the case of missing girls and Chennai Assistant Commissioner of Police, Deva () takes the charge to find the person behind the mystery. One day, Mythili finds Madhan riding a bike with a girl at the pillion. On the next day, Mythili gets shocked to see the news that the girl whom she spotted with Madhan the previous day goes missing. Mythili thinks that Madhan is behind all the crimes in the city and informs Deva about Madhan and his whereabouts.

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Hence Madhan gets arrested. During the investigation, Madhan reveals that it was his younger brother Madhan Raj () who was responsible for destroying the incorrect girls under the pseudonym Manmadhan. The story then moves to a flashback where Madhan Raj and Madhan Kumar were affectionate with each other. They lived with their Maternal Uncle Puncture Pandiyan (). While Madhan Kumar was brave and intelligent, Madhan Raj was an innocent and sentimental person who went to in to join in an engineering college.