Notorious Big Albums In Order

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All Notorious Big Albums And Lyrics

All credit to TtoReNtZ! - - -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Albums In Order 1. Born Again 2.

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One of the most revered rappers in the history of hip-hop, the Notorious B.I.G. Recorded only two official albums, but he remains a lyrical legend years after his death. Born and raised in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, Biggie got his start working with DJ Mister Cee (Big Daddy Kane's DJ) and making cameos on records by Mary J. Blige and Craig Mack. Many people see this album as 2Pac’s magnum opus and one the best, if not THE best, Hip Hop album ever. Of course, because of the number of units sold and its iconic status, All Eyez On Me is a classic. Notorious BIG Christopher George Latore Wallace (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997), better known by his stage names The Notorious B.I.G., Biggie or Biggie Smalls, was an American rapper. Wallace was raised in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.