5.1 Surround Sound Test File

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I'm more interested in the kbps of so-called 5.1 videos as opposed to stereo. Says that recommended bitrates for stereo and 5.1 are 384 kbps and 512 kbps, respectively. Now does this mean that even if YouTube doesn't actually support 5.1., as people claim in this thread, that it will encode 5.1 in a higher bitrate than stereo videos? And are these recommended bitrates the actual bitrates that YouTube encodes its videos, or just the bitrates it recommends for uploading? Question Man 31/3/2017, 9:52 น. This doesn't exactly add to the discussion but I upload gaming videos frequently I always make sure to include the original 7.1 FLAC in my upload as a simple way of future proofing my videos.


Yamaha 5 1 Surround Sound System

Apr 9, 2016 - Here you can test for free all what happened with Dolby digital, SRS, DTS, 5.1/7.1 CH.

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As we saw with the introduction of 60FPS playback, videos that were previously uploaded before this feature was introduced were actually re-encoded again to support the new standard. I would predict for this to happen again with the introduction of surround playback, although I may be wrong. Rodrigo Mendes 28/4/2017, 8:45 น. I'd like to chime in on this, because I'm amazed myself right now!

I am aware of the 'Dolby Pro Logic' trap many people fall into, and it's easy to spot it (left/right surround speakers can't be addressed separately for instance). And I was equally disappointed, trying Toni's test video on my PS4 connected to a Marantz AVR with 5 satellites and one sub, just to hear the sounds only from the front speakers. Ek din aap yun lyrics. BUT then I tried Arun's test video 'Surround Sound Test LPCM 5.1 - Demo' - and it works! (again on the PS4) Each explicit sound was playing on the assigned speaker exclusively - even the LFE sound - no bleeding into any other speakers. Can't achieve that with old ProLogic. The LPCM seems to be the key here I believe.

This calls for a series of tests. Mypantsfelldown 20/6/2017, 12:46 น. That screenshot was as much proof as I could currently show, I have looked at many audio streams contained within YouTube videos and the highest bitrates have been 160kbps stereo. I could not download the stream to a file and show it physically but playing around with speaker volumes I can tell you that audio stream is multichannel. It doesn't stream on PC in chrome as far as I'm aware, I had to stream it manually with SVP software.

5.1 Surround Sound Test Audio File

I presume that stream is only available to those watching on PS4. I apologise if my previous post was unclear. (ไม่รู้จัก) 20/6/2017, 17:09 น.


5.1 Surround Sound Test Files

Arun Sudhakaran 20/6/2017, 18:46 น. This is the second time i am gonna post this. I dont know which web browsers support 5.1 on pc, but i do know that most youtube apps like the one on the ps4 now support and have working 5.1. I have my ps4 connected via toslink to my Harnam Kardon and I've tested all audio settings on the ps4. Linear PCM doesnt get the 5.1 across. Bitstteam (dolby) gets the 5.1 across. And bitsream (DTS) does it.