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Of course, abstract art does not need to be monumental to evoke the natural environment. COURTESY THE ARTIST AND VON LINTEL GALLERY, NEW YORK. New York art galleries and guide to fine art galleries located in the New York city. This New York gallery directory features both primary and secondary market art galleries. They represent a wide variety of artworks by living artists, modern and historic Masters. David Richard Gallery specializes in Postwar and Contemporary abstract art. A HISTORY OF ACA GALLERIES. American Contemporary Art Gallery (ACA) was established in 1932 by Herman Baron. Artists Stuart Davis, Yasuo Kuniyoshi and Adolf Dehn were early members. At the time, ACA was one of only three galleries in New York primarily dedicated to exhibiting the work of American artists.

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Abstract Art Galleries Nyc

Guest blogger Rhonda Schaller is an artist, gallerist, and the Assistant Director of Career Development at New York’s School of Visual Arts. She has an amazing wealth of knowledge, and offers in-depth steps to sell your artwork through galleries or as a self-produced artist. I want to talk with you about the New York City art world and how to stake out a career path as a fine artist. The art world is a market- driven business, like stocks, like real estate, like most commodities, and it is changing. As is the entire world market for art. Everything is in flux right now, as would figure given the state of the global economy and the changing face of all commodity based enterprises. Based on my research on the art market, what I have learned from reading established dealers like Ed Winkelman who has a great, my own experience as an alternative New York City gallerist, and as a successful working artist for the last 26 years, I have collected information I would like to share with you.