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  1. Alien Shooter 3 Game Download For Pc
  2. Alien Shooter 3 Game Download For Pc Windows 7

Alien Shooter Vengeance Overview Alien Shooter Vengeance Free Download for PC (also known as Alien Shooter 2) is an top-down shooter video game for Microsoft Windows developed by Sigma Team. It is a large-scale sequel to Alien Shooter, and combines elements of arcade action.

Alien shooter 2 game download for pc

An improved version called Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded was released, featuring changed game mechanics and few new levels. Story In the year 2030, the M.A.G.M.A. Energy Corporation sends its mercenaries to a top secret object.

Awful and dangerous experiments were held there and now they are beyond control. The player must complete a series of tasks, destroying anything and anyone in his path. The exorcist film. The game starts with the player arriving at the on-site M.A.G.M.A facility. After meeting with the local commander, General Baker, the player goes on his first mission: searching for survivors within the facility while fending off waves of aliens.

Well-revered Alien. Shooter.Developed by Sigma-Team, this game was released back in 2007 for PC and Cloud gaming platforms. Even though the overall concept of the game remains the same, Alien Shooter 2 comes with a long list of new features and improvements.

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Alien Shooter 3 Game Download For Pc


Alien Shooter 3 Game Download For Pc Windows 7

Non-player characters in this mission include Nicholas the engineer, a M.A.G.M.A. Employee who provides rewards if the player fulfills his requests, and Kate Lia, a mercenary hired by M.A.G.M.A. Who is abducted by the aliens when the player becomes trapped in the facility's computer room. While at the facility the player is also asked to disable a self-destruct program that threatens the facility. Once the program has been shut down, General Baker concludes that the aliens must have a leader, and it is the leader who activated the self-destruct program. The player also discovers that the M.A.G.M.A.