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Discover Chess the fun way! The perfect brain workout for everyone. Enjoy chess as you never did, coming to live through the help of the wonderful 3D animated characters in the charming fantasy world of Playville. • Amazing fantasy 3D world. • Three different locations ( boards ) to play in – Forest, Playville ( the town ) and The Magic Tree. • Unique action 3D characters.

3d animated chess games

• Hundreds of fun arcade style animations bringing chess pieces to live. Enjoy different chess modes: • Choose the team you like best – black or white - and play against the AI. • Two player hot-seat mode to play with your friends and family on a single device wherever you are (available in the full version of the game) Select the a level of difficulty that matches your experience: • Easy: Especially designed AI for beginners, suitable for kids and adults who are not experienced chess player, but would like to live the fun of playing a chess game and get engaged with the most popular game of all times.

Battle Chess is a video game version of chess in which the chess pieces come to life and battle one another when capturing. Play Battle Chess online! The game can be also played in a 2D version with no animations, and the Amiga CDTV version features a fully voiced introduction describing the movements of the pieces for the benefit of beginners. Digitized sound is utilized in the DOS version for all battle sound effects and is played through the PC speaker, without the need for a sound card, using a technique akin to RealSound.

• Medium: A challenge to beat even for experienced players. • Hard: Tough – masters only! More features: • Auto save your last game to continue playing whenever you want • Undo moves (unlimited in full version) • Hints (available in the full version) • Classic 2D pieces mode • Enjoy different views: Side-Perspective view, Top view and Free Camera view modes – touch and rotate the camera at your angle of preference Challenge your brain with the most popular puzzle board game in the world ever. Complete as many of the achievements you can and do not forget to share the fun with your friends and family! Suitable for all ages with it’s appealing graphics, this amazing chess game would also be a perfect match for your kids to enjoy and become keen fans of the chess game for life.

The most beautiful and fun Chess experience you can find! Toon Clash CHESS is part of the Playville Quest series.

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Battle Chess is a computer video game, which is similar to the actual chess. An interesting feature of the game is that the pieces of chess become alive and fight with each other. The game can be played solo against the computer and also, it can be played with a friend in opposition. The player can play with his friend with the help of some local area network, hot seat or via a modem. The rules of the classic game of chess and Battle chess are the same. The pieces on the checkerboard fight against each other and captivate each other.


The game consists of 6 different kinds of pieces of each tint. Moreover, the king is not able to captivate the king of the opposition party. Furthermore, there are 35 fights, which are animated.


For instance, the rook transforms into a monster of rock and murders a pawn by smashing him. Along with this, the game consists of some famous reverences, which are a part of their culture. The game can be enjoyed in two dimensions also. The two-dimensional game does not contain any animations. However, there are several voice clips, which are played in the two-dimensional game. It describes the moves of the pieces on the checkerboard and also, guides the beginners. If you are interested in the game of chess, then this game is definitely going to take your interest to a completely new level.

Battle Chess 3d Free Download

The animations of the game, the pieces fighting with each other will keep you engrossed in the game throughout. In addition, the sound part of the same keeps the excitement intact throughout the game. The game consists of VGA graphics and the sound is played using a CD-ROM. The automatic game launcher applet has been removed because of vast unsolvable false positives antiviruses warnings.

Unfortunatelly we are not able to support the automatic launcher applet any more. To keep providing the best experience for our users, we have updated our download packages to be runnable with a single click. Only thing you need to do is download the zip archive, unzip to your game directory and run the game with included 'Play NOW.exe' file. For more information see Please fill in the math result and click Download.