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14 December 2018 The final Game of Thrones season is coming in April 2019. Until then, re-watch the first 7 for a quick refresh. • Game of Thrones Seasons 1 to 7 are currently available on Foxtel This is it, folks. After years of plodding along, putting all the pieces into place, Game of Thrones Season 7 came out of the gate with a fire in its belly, burning through the various plot lines with record pace. Now, Season 7 is over and done with (well done, thanks to Dany's dragons) and all that's left is to eagerly await Season 8, which also happens to be the show's last.

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Game Of Thrones Online Dublado

We don't know a lot about the final season of this epic drama, since the cast and producers are keeping things under wraps. We do know that it's scheduled to premiere in April 2019.

The instalment will consist of only six episodes, but expect them to be longer than one hour. After all, some intense battles are in store – the Army of the Dead will finally clash with the forces in Westeros, as the teaser trailer suggests. With that said, the wait will be a long and lonely one. Why not comfort yourself by reliving all seven seasons so far?

All episodes are available to stream and you can also download Game of Thrones through all the usual avenues, such as iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Store and PlayStation Store. Game of Thrones on Foxtel You can binge-watch all Game of Thrones episodes with, priced at $25/month. The show is also available on demand to Foxtel subscribers. New episodes will premiere in April 2019, likely at the same time as in the US. Foxtel has the exclusive broadcast rights for the HBO drama in Australia, so you won't find the series on competing streaming services like Netflix or Stan.

Here's what's available on Foxtel and Foxtel Now: • Game of Thrones Season 1 • Game of Thrones Season 2 • Game of Thrones Season 3 • Game of Thrones Season 4 • Game of Thrones Season 5 • Game of Thrones Season 6 • Game of Thrones Season 7 Purchase/rent Don't feel like getting a streaming subscription? Since Season 7 wrapped months ago, the show is available to purchase in its entirety from digital retailers. Individual episodes cost about $3–$4, with an entire season priced at around $25–$28. • iTunes: Seasons 1–7 • Google Play: Seasons 1–7 • Microsoft Store: Seasons 1–7 • PlayStation Store: Season 1–7 What channel is Game of Thrones on in Australia?, you can watch Game of Thrones on the Fox Showcase channel. Unfortunately, the channel isn't available in the Entertainment Pack, so you'll need to add the Drama Pack to your subscription, which costs $20 per month. Game of Thrones episodes air often throughout the year or you can watch them on your own schedule on demand. What time does Game of Thrones air in Australia?

Episodes of Game of Thrones Season 7 aired on HBO on Sunday nights at 9pm ET in the US. Foxtel showed Game of Thrones the moment it aired in the US (Mondays in Australia at 11am AEST). That will likely be the case for the final season as well, which is scheduled to arrive in April 2019. Why don't other services offer Game of Thrones? Back in 2012,, Foxtel, an exclusive output deal.


This agreement granted Foxtel the first-run rights to HBO's stellar line-up, including, but far from limited to Game of Thrones. Immediately, we saw the ripples of this decision affect our free-to-air channels as SBS had to pull the popular Boardwalk Empire and trash any plans for future re-runs on its network. There was a time when you could pay for the latest episode of Game of Thrones on iTunes the day after it aired, but after Season 3, Foxtel and HBO's agreement stopped iTunes from fast-tracking episodes to Australian consumers. There were even whispers that HBO Now would be available for Apple TV users in Australia, but it never came and HBO went as far as 'cutting-off' Australian VPN users. Whether or not Foxtel had anything to do with HBO Now cutting-off Australian geo-dodgers is anyone's guess, but Foxtel's statement below is dubious at best: HBO license content on a territory by territory basis This action has been taken by them to preserve that model. It is not specific to Australia. They do however regularly communicate with Foxtel about their plans.

Why it's not all bad Purchasing all seasons from digital retailers can get pricey, but a Foxtel Now subscription allows you to watch all episodes for only $25/month. That's a pretty good deal, especially since you get access to a bunch of other exciting entertainment and lifestyle content for that price. Plus, there are no-lock-in contracts, so you can cancel your subscription anytime. You can even subscribe only for the 6 weeks Game of Thrones is expected to be on the air in 2019 if you so wish. The Foxtel Now Entry Pack gives you access to content from popular Foxtel channels, including Fox Showcase, Fox8, Arena, The Comedy Channel, Lifestyle and more. You can also watch a whole bunch of other acclaimed shows with a subscription, like The Walking Dead, Westworld, American Horror Story or Sharp Objects. A 10-day free trial is available for new customers.