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Autodesk 123d Free Download

Free autodesk 123d download 64 bit. Photo & Graphics tools downloads - 123D Design by Autodesk, Inc. And many more programs are available for instant. Autodesk 123D Design, free download. CAD designer software for Windows: Free, powerful, yet simple 3D creation and editing tool for 3D printers.

Autodesk 123d Catch Free Download

Autodesk 123d Free Download

Let's get the most important detail out there right now. At midnight on April 1 (that's Saturday, folks!), any designs you have stored online in Autodesk's 123D service will be gone. You will lose them. Early April means April 1, so download your stuff right now.

If you want to save any of your work that you have not stored in local files, you must login now and download them. There will be no extensions. Any work that remains online after the clock strikes midnight will turn into bit dust. So, as a drill sergeant buddy of mine liked to say: Move! The rest of the story Autodesk has long provided free versions of the programs 123D Design (which I use for modeling my 3D prints), 123D Catch (which turns photos and scans into 3D models), 123D Make (which creates solid models in laminated layers), and Sculpt+ (which is a virtual clay modeling program). All four of these programs.

Autodesk 123d Free Download Mac

3d Design Software Free

The download links for the programs were removed from Autodesk sites some months ago. There will be no more updates. And, of far more urgency, those who are storing their models using the online 123D infrastructure, will lose access to them on April 1.

Autodesk 123d Design Free Download

I spoke to the company to get a feel for what this means for designers: 'We really value all the 123D fans that have used the apps to unlock their creativity, along the way inspiring us and the community of makers and hobbyists around the world, 'said Sarah O'Rourke, Youth Audience strategist, Autodesk. 'We've already seen what many of them have been able to make by migrating to some of our other products like Tinkercad, Fusion 360, and ReMake, and we look forward to supporting them throughout their journeys to make anything.' It is possible to migrate any downloaded models you have stored on your local computer. I reached out to Autodesk for some additional guidance, and here's what they said: How long do users have before everything goes away? We started notifying the community about these changes last Fall, and all new downloads and apps have been removed since January. March 31 is the last day that users will be able to access their accounts on As stated above, it's highly recommended that prior to March 31, users login to your 123Dapp account and download and save any files to your local storage.

As much as I appreciate the folks at Autodesk providing these free resources, 'notifying the community' didn't really mean notifying all users. For example, when you launch 123D Design, there is no indication in the program itself that anything is amiss. There's not even a warning to backup files to a local disk.