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Bakugan: Battle Brawler Cheat PS2 [ ] Enter the following codes as your name at the game's start for the desired effect. - 1,000 BP • 42348294? - 5,000 BP • 46836478? - 10,000 BP • 18499753? - 100,000 BP • 26037947? - 500,000 BP • 44982493? - Bronze Warius Submitted by: GameFounder Guardian Bakugan [ ] Win the Ultimate Battle Tournament and Defeat Marduk in the final battle.

After that, go to the park and challenge any of the following characters to unlock their guardian Bakugan at the Bakugan Store. Defeat any of them a second time to unlock the evolved form of their Guardian Bakugan. NOTE: you must first purchase the Guardian Bakugan before you can unlock its evolved form. • Choji - Aquos Preyas; Aquos Preyas II Angelo/Diablo • Dan - Pyrus Dragonoid; Pyrus Delta Dragonoid II • Julie - Subterra Gorem; Subterra Hammer Gorem • Marduk - Darkus Vladitor; Darkus Battle Ax Vladitor • Masquerade - Darkus Hydranoid; Darkus Blade Hydranoid • Runo - Haos Tigrerra; Haos Blade Tigrerra • Shun - Ventus Skyress; Ventus Storm Skyress.

These two challenge the Brawlers to a battle. The twist is, both Billy and Komba are aligned with Masquerade and they want to send the Brawlers' Bakugan to the Doom Dimenison. The battle heats up as Shun and Julie enter the battle. The Battle Brawlers is now the name of a team in the New Generation Bakugan Battle Tournament. The team generally consists of Dan, Shun, and Marucho with.