Behringer 802 Usb Manual

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Sound: The sound quality after whatever I play is hooked to it sounds awesome. Feature: I like that you can even hook up CD Player/MP3 Players to it via RCA. That's a HUGE plus. Ease of Use: Very easy to setup & there are so many different ways to get sound into. Quality: Extremely sturdy & durable. You would think it cost more from it's solid construction.


Behringer Xenyx 802 Usb Manual

Shop Behringer XENYX 802 Premium 8-Input 2-Bus Mixer with XENYX Mic Preamps and British EQs. Search all Behringer in Analog Audio Mixers. Our Price: $5.79. USB 2.0 A Male to A Female USB Extension Cable 10 Feet. Item #: USB-AA-10. See Behringer 802 Manual/Specs (PDF) See Behringer 802 Specifications (PDF). The Behringer XENYX 802 Mixing Console has 8 inputs and an FX send control for each channel. Assignable CD/tape inputs have been incorporated for routing flexibility. Behringer's innovative and affordable XENYX mixers provide the home recordist and club musician with pristine sound quality and cutting-edge features for very little outlay.

Value: Most certainly worth the money I wouldn't mind paying more for it. Manufacturer Support: Haven't had to deal with support thus far. The Wow Factor: It looks very professional.

I must be honest I feel in love with the look at first. Overall: I absolutely love this mixer!

This is my first mixer ever but it has everything I need plus more. The Best part I would say is it's compact design.

Fits nearly anywhere possible. I officially rep #TeamBehringer from here on out. Sound: The audio (going through the mixer and my Focusrite 2i4 interface sounds clean with little to no reduction in audio quality. I can still hear smaller details. Feature: Doesn't have too many features, or too little.

The EQ is nice to have, although I don't need it. I leave it flat. Ease of Use: Very simple to use. For a newbie, it might look like a lot, but once you figure out what does what, it's very simple.

Behringer xenyx 802 usb driver

This is the same with most mixers, though. Quality: The mixer is built very well, although it wobbles on my desk as if one corner isn't touching the table. It's not much of an annoyance, but I thought I would mention that. Value: This mixer is definitely worth the price, especially if you only need to hook up a few instruments in your home studio.

Manufacturer Support: n/a Overall: I am using this for a few instruments (A Yamaha MM8 piano and a Moog Little Phatty.). Sound: Excellent little mixer. Exactly what I needed for my PC DAW. The mic pres are very good. They're clean with lots of gain.

I had my Great River patched in at first but after some experimenting I found I didn't need it. I was surprised at the comparisons. The on board pres come very close. Feature: Great features for the price.

Especially the monitoring system. Very convenient.

Behringer should've installed an on/off switch but no big deal. I just plugged it into my Furman power conditioner. Problem solved.

Old sinhala songs. Ease of Use: Just plug in and start recording. Quality: It's built very well and so far has been very reliable. Knobs are tight and the housing is very sturdy. Value: Without question. Big bang for the bux!!I'd really like to check out some of Behringers other mixers after hearing this little guy. Manufacturer Support: Never needed them but I've heard they are great.

Behringer Xenyx 802 Usb Manual

Overall: As long as it lasts. I would buy another in a NY minute if something happened to this one. Sound: The sound quality is very good for that price.

Behringer Xenyx 802 Usb Driver

Behringer 802 Usb Manual

Feature: There's a lot of features such as effects send/return, phones preview and phantom power. Ease of Use: Plug in the power supply, plug in your inputs and you're good to go.

Quality: It's very well built and the knobs are durable. Value: This mixer is amazing for its price!

Manufacturer Support: Didn't use it. The Wow Factor: The unit is extremely compact and it's very well designed. Overall: This is a great mixer at a very low price.

Behringer Xenyx Q802usb Mixer Manual

Pros: - Phantom power - CD/Tape Input Cons: - No On/Off button. Sound: for a beginer its a great option, no doubt. I stared to record with this mixer, but if u can buy a mixer from anothe brand do it. Couse its good, but not great.