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Feb 4, 2011 - Superstar Football: You want a football game? Build a team from. Use Star Power to make your team play its best! Check out new. TechRadar The source for Tech Buying Advice. 11 best football games on PC: top soccer titles for a virtual kickabout; 11 best football games on PC: top soccer titles for a virtual kickabout. Football Games. Play online football games, soccer games, basketball games and american football games.

Warning: This list obviously contains personal opinion, but people do get a bit angry about computer games. If you disagree with the selections then you are right and I am wrong. We have also decided to roughly limit it to one game per ‘series’, in order to provide some variation.

I get it, all the Championship Managers were obscenely good. 10) New Star Soccer There is a definite retro hipsterism in the treatment of football computer games, and many of the others on this list will be looking at New Star Soccer and rolling their eyes at the new kid in the corner. Yet NSS is the perfect example of what smartphone technology can achieve when combined with a subject already the subject of hopeless addiction. The premise of New Star Soccer is that you are a player who must work through a career (starting in the lower leagues) by passing, dribbling and shooting your way to success and helping your team. In doing so you earn money, which can be spent on a variety of off-field products from energy drinks to racehorses.

It’s an entirely created world, and it’s free. As with any smartphone game, the focus has increasingly shifted to in-app purchases, but that doesn’t detract from the game’s very simple magnificence.

All that’s left to do is recommend with its creator. 9) Libero Grande Undoubtedly the least recognisable entrant on this list, Libero Grande earns maximum points for innovation. Long before FIFA’s career mode allowed you to take control of an individual player, Japanese computer giant Namco led the way. Released in 1998, Libero Grande was groundbreaking. For the first time it offered realistic stadium angles from a first-person perspective, and playing as one individual on a team had never before been entertained as a concept.

Best Football Games On Computer

The lack of naming rights clearly detracted from any sense of realism but, true to Namco’s form, the game has a deliberate arcade feel. Libero Grande might not be remembered widely 17 years after its release on the original PlayStation, but it deserves respect alone for the amount of my childhood it devoured. Another of the new breed of games playable on smartphone and tablet, Score!

Is a wonderful example of finding a true gap in the market and exploiting it perfectly. Rather than creating your own history – the line sold by so many games – Score!

Requires the player to re-create what has gone before. This is pretending to be Stuart Pearce in the front garden for the technology generation. The premise is obvious.

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A number (and the less polite term is a sh*tload*) of famous goals are there for you to score. Each goal has three levels. The first requires you to get the correct accuracy, the second accuracy and power and the third needs the user to do both of the above for a slightly tweaked goal from the original. You are awarded up to three stars for each goal, which are used to unlock more goals. It is sensationally addictive. * 700 goals x three levels for each x three stars available for each level = 6200 stars. 7) FIFA Road To World Cup ‘98 Released in time for Christmas 1997, RTWC 98 provided the most realistic graphics of any football game.

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Although FIFA launched an official World Cup ‘98 game, its predecessor had already captured the market. I’m ashamed to admit ( he’s not ashamed – Ed) that I played out the entire qualification campaign for World Cup ’98 by watching computer vs computer matches, recording the results in a notebook with scores and scorers. Ladies, come on down. RTWC had three memorable features: – The indoor five-a-side mode, never seen before and hardly since, despite being eight times greater than sliced bread. – The ability to slide tackle – and therefore foul – the goalkeeper.