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  1. Best Movie Download Sites Reddit
  2. Best Movie Download Sites

The Best Torrent Sites: January 2019 Below is a big list of torrent sites, more or less in the order that we prefer to search from. If you're new to torrents, don't forget that you'll need a torrent client to get these files!


• We don’t encourage you to use the torrents to download the copyright material. However, if you decide to do so, Please use the VPN Software and Ad-blockers to avoid being caught by ISPs as well as the LEAs using IP, DNS Leaks, and Ad-trackers. • This ranking is entirely independent and I neither have any affiliations with any of the below-listed websites nor dictated by the Editorial to make any changes in the ranking. Torrenting is fun. But it is quite a grey space as well on the internet due to the distribution of copyrighted content and malpractice to earn money.

Best Movie Download Sites Reddit

Just Googling will not stumble you upon the best torrent site. There is an abundant number of torrent websites available at your disposal but there only a handful that will deliver what you were searching for ranging from a wide degree of content such as movies, music, shows, games, sports, channels and a whole lot more (don’t forget the speed limit too). Contents • • • • • • • How are we going to rate torrenting websites? The ranking is a very tricky part of this whole review thing. We would like to make sure that ranking we produce must be authentic and help our readers to make informed decisions about the website they are going to use for torrent download.

Best Movie Download Sites

Manga studio 5 free trial. Here are the few factors that helped us in the ranking, • Age of Website: This doesn’t only include how long the website is being in business but also how resilient it is to Law Enforcement Agencies. The websites with malpractices won’t last much longer. • Niche: This is what kind of range is being offered on the menu of the website. Some torrent offers only a single niche such as movies. While others cover a wider range such as software etc.

• Quality of Torrents: This was one of the difficult variables to measure so we took 10 samples from most downloaded torrents and tried to determine their quality. Is this really what is being offered. • Ads: These websites are too crazy about earning money. I don’t think that gives a second thought that either we should use this type of advertisement or not. People still gonna visit them. So, we considered it also • Malware: When the hunger of torrent websites is not fulfilled by the money. They move into using malware to infect their visitors and grab more money using crypto mining etc.

• Instant Download: Well, yes mostly this appears as an ad on the torrenting websites but we really looked into it that how many different download options are being provided. • Mirrors: Internet Service Provides has the legal authority to check on the torrent traffics.


So, mostly they pull down a specific network route to prevent. Mirroring allows the presence of alternative routes and servers. Barbie Alongside this, we are going to provide some numbers related to the monthly million users (or daily visitors) that visit these torrenting websites so that you can be well informed of their popularity (once again, do take these figures with a grain of salt). In addition, we are going to summarize which of these best torrent websites are suited for which category so that you don’t have to waste precious time and can immediately jump in when you want to start downloading the best possible content depending on your interests. • • • • • • • • • • Year Established: 2016 • Number of Torrents: 5.5 Million • Tor Support: Yes • Best Suited for: Movies, Music, Games, Software is very similar in appearance, nature, and functionality to the defunct torrent site you knew and loved, Torrentz. Torrentz2 is not going to become the ultimate replacement search engine of Torrentz but believe us, it is definitely trying its level best to provide you with the best possible search results. According to the latest statistics, Torrentz2 has indexed around 5.5 million torrents from 75 domains, meaning that this number is sure to increase in the foreseeable future.