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The original version of this story appeared in The Palm Beach Post in 2000: Twenty years ago, a bunch of nobodies came here to film a low-budget thriller. They created a modern classic.

  1. Body Heat 2010 Download Free
  2. Body Heat 2010 Watch Online
  3. Body Heat 2010 Watch Online Online
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  5. Body Heat Movie Download

Body Heat 2010 Download Free

Long before movie audiences were familiar with such performers as Kathleen Turner, William Hurt, Ted Danson and Mickey Rourke, before screenwriter established himself as a film director, an unassuming cast and crew arrived in Lake Worth to capture some exterior shots for a low-budget, stylized thriller. The time was December 1980 - 20 years ago this month - and the movie was 'Body Heat', the steamy, film noir tale of Florida femme fatale Matty Walker (Turner) and none-too-bright lawyer Ned Racine (Hurt), whom she seduces, corrupts and implicates in the murder of her husband. Little was expected of the movie, yet Film Comment magazine would later assess it as 'perhaps the most stunning debut movie ever.'


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It would gross a tidy $30 million - a nice return on a $7 million budget - and help launch a handful of major film careers, steam up the glasses of moviegoers and, for movie buffs at least, forever put Lake Worth and Hypoluxo on the map. Curiously though, for a film so closely associated with Sunshine State humidity and sweat, 'Body Heat' was never intended to be shot here.

3d cad programs. 'I hate to tell this, but the movie was planned for New Jersey,' says Miami-born Kasdan ('The Big Chill', 'The Accidental Tourist', 'Grand Canyon') by phone from his Los Angeles offices. As is likely again next year, the film industry in 1980 was paralyzed by an actors strike, delaying schedules and requiring improvisation on locales. 'The heat is such an important part of it and in December, when the shooting was pushed back, it was going to be snowing in New Jersey. So we immediately relocated to Florida.' Adding to the movie's difficulties, Palm Beach County was having a particularly chilly winter, Kasdan recalls.

Body Heat 2010 Watch Online

'You know that most of the movie takes place at night and it was especially cold, but we were trying to create the impression of heat. When Ted is dancing on the pier and Bill (Hurt) is in shorts and a T-shirt, it was freezing.' 'It was damn cold,' recalled Turner in an interview several years ago. 'That first scene on the beach, where I'm wearing the white dress, the wind was so high and it was so cold, they drove trucks up on the beach and put plywood by the wheel bases to try and block it, so we could actually get the shot.' Even her perspiration was a special effect. Call of duty 4 iw3sp exe crack download torrent.

'It was freezing and I remember the makeup man kept coming up to me with his spray bottle,' says Turner. 'And I looked at him and said, 'Don't even think about it.'

' Search was on for steamy spot When Kasdan hurriedly sent his location scouts in search of a new site for his fictional small town of Miranda Beach, he had never set foot in Lake Worth. 'I sent them to Florida because I knew that area and I liked the feeling of it,' the writer-director says. 'I thought that would solve our problems and it did, in fact.' On the list of requirements was an affluent home for Matty and her husband, Edmund (Richard Crenna), which was found in nearby Hypoluxo. Also needed was a down-home coffee shop where Hurt and fellow lawyer Danson hang out. The latter was created in a vacant storefront on Dixie Highway, across from Lake Worth City Hall, which was designated the local courthouse.

Body Heat 2010 Watch Online Online

'Liked the little town feeling' 'I liked the little town feeling on the street, y'know? It was like the little town in my head.

Body Heat Full Movie Download

And I loved the waterway,' says Kasdan, referring to a stretch of the Intracoastal south of Lake Worth. 'We have a few shots of the waterway.' Production designers arrived to create the coffee shop and to adapt the Hypoluxo house for exteriors. 'Most of the house was shot back on sound stages' in Los Angeles, including the memorable scene where Hurt hurls a chair through a picture window to couple with in-heat Matty, says Kasdan.

'But we built the boat house, we fixed up the big drive-through veranda there.' Kasdan remembers the town being extremely cooperative and eager to please these Hollywood invaders. 'It was my first movie and I couldn't have been more excited and my memory of it is all positive, in terms of the people there and their willingness to help us,' he says.

Body Heat 2010 Watch Online

Body Heat Movie Download

Yet the cast and crew had little contact with local residents because of the nocturnal shooting schedule. 'We were living this sort of shadow life around the town, because we would go to work around 4 o'clock in the afternoon and come home at 4 o'clock in the morning and sleep all day,' Kasdan explains. 'After a while, it really gets to you.'