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I'm new to this forum and registered just to save the last of the hair I haven't torn out in frustration! LGR on YouTube recommended you guys to help me with an issue. Download gintama episode 4 eng sub. I own a physical copy and a digital download of Carmen Sandiego: Word Detective. My PC is currently using windows 8.1 so the game is a bit outdated to windows.

I tried installing my game physically but every time I click install from auto run it the window just disappears and it never boots the installer. Same exact issue with the digital download! I'm using alcohol 120 to try to make a virtual drive and I run into the exact same issue! I've tried compatibility mode and running as an admin and I've exhausted every possibility. The only time it ever worked for me was on my dads old PC which was only a windows version above the requirements so it naturally still ran it.

Carmen Sandiego Word Detective is a game in the Carmen Sandiego franchise which was released in 1997. This game is intended to teach language arts for kids age 8-14. This game is intended to teach language arts for kids age 8-14. The ACME Detective Agency, once again attempts to stop Carmen Sandiego by finding the location of the Tower of Babbel. Already twelve Agents have been lost and only Agent 13 remains to put together clues using Acme's latest interface, the CyberCom 2000. As Agent 13, your main goal is to rescue the previous 12 agents and stop Carmen Sandiego. Find reviews, trailers, release dates, news, screenshots, walkthroughs, and more for Carmen Sandiego: Word Detective here on GameSpot.


Carmen Sandiego Word Detective Down…

Unfortunately my dad lives in PA and I just moved to WA so I don't think I'll be able to play that again. So is it possible to get it to run on my PC? I don't know if you need specific PC specs so if you ask for details on anything I'll try to provide them. Thanks for reading!

Carmen Sandiego Word Detective

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Carmen Sandiego Word Detective Windows 7

-Leanna AKA BBadict Newbie Posts: 2 Joined: 2014-9-17 @ 02:23. It looks like that is a Windows game. DOSBox is for DOS games.

It may be that it is a 16-bit game, which will not run on 64-bit Windows. If it is 16-bit, to play it on 64-bit Windows you will need to use a Virtual Machine or emulator with an old copy of Windows installed in it. If you can find an old copy of Windows 3x, you can install it in DOSBox. There is a how-to in the DOSBox guides forum to help you set it up. There are various VMs, such as VMware Player that will allow you to install Win9x. Your other choice is to setup an old PC, if you have the space and inclination to do so.