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• DATA PROJECTOR XJ-UT331X/XJ-UT311WN*/ XJ-UT351W/XJ-UT351WN* *Network Models User’s Guide  Be sure to read the “Safety Precautions” and “Operating Precautions” in the “Read this first” document, and make sure you use this product correctly.  Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference. •  CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. Shall not be held liable for any loss or lost profits due to loss of data due to malfunction or maintenance of this product, or any other reason. • Contents Safety Precautions.6 Operating Precautions.12 About the Light Source Unit.12 Projector Light Emission.12 Laser and High Temperature Precautions (See the label on the projector).13 Other Precautions.14 Precaution when Handling the Projector after Use.15 Getting Ready. • Configuring Remote Control ID and Projector ID Settings.30 Using the Presentation Timer (TIMER).30 To display the timer..30 To display the timer function menu.30 To configure timer settings..31 Timer Operations..

31 Using the Setup Menu (MENU).32 Setup Menu Settings.. 51 Supplying Power to External Equipment.51 Updating Firmware and Transferring a User Logo.52 Mounting the Projector on a Wall.52 Using the MONITOR OUT Terminal.53 Projection Distance and Screen Size.54 Aspect Ratio Setting and Projection Image.55 Projector RS-232C Control.57 Specifications. • Safety Precautions Thank you for selecting this CASIO product. Be sure to read these “Safety Precautions” before trying to use it. After reading this User’s Guide, keep it in a safe place for future reference.

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About safety symbols Various symbols are used in this User’s Guide and on the product itself to ensure safe use, and to protect you and others against the risk of injury and against material damage. • Doing so creates the risk of electric warranty and are not eligible for repair shock. Be sure to leave all internal inspection, adjustment, and repair up to your original dealer or authorized CASIO service center. • Unplug the projector. Other pliable surface. Contact your original dealer or authorized • Never stand the projector up on either end CASIO service center.

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Casio User Manual Download

 Disposal by burning  Projector cabinet ’. •  Backup of important data original dealer or authorized CASIO service center. Be sure to keep separate written Never allow the remote controller to records of all data stored in projector become wet. •  YW-40 wireless adapter (included or Caution purchased separately) Keep the wireless adapter out of the Misuse of batteries can cause them to leak and reach of small children. Accidental stain the area around them, or to explode, swallowing of a wireless adapter can creating the risk of fire and personal injury.

Casio User Manual

• Contact your original dealer or authorized CASIO service center once a year about having the interior of the projector cleaned. Note that you will be charged for cleaning. •  The failure of the light source unit to light or a noticeable drop in light source unit brightness indicates the end of the light source unit’s life. Contact your original dealer or authorized CASIO service center for replacement. Note that problems caused by unauthorized projector disassembly or modification are not covered by the warranty and are not eligible for repair by CASIO. • Laser and High Temperature Precautions (See the label on the projector) Laser Precautions  Non- U.S.