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When u chnge or replace or rewrite bios program u need to change or rewrite motherboard serial no. Model no wallpaper etc. U can done this job using HP DMI TOOLS. SANDEEP DWIVEDI SATNA M.P. Re: Bios serial number change ‎ 01:45 AM if Lenovo service provider did not change the motherboard then your warranty is voided in the first instance in which you changed the motherboard. The serial number i would like to change is: WB10946737 the UUID i would like to change is: 590-11cb-afbf-b94eea478296 if you could point out how to change i would be glad to do this mysellf (this is since there are quite a few with the same flash in it.) thank you for the responce. Download talesrunner speed hack v.2.

Zitat von im Beitrag Which resp. Whose Serial Number do you want to change? Ubu confirms aptio 5. The serial number in the bottom of the laptop. The same one for the windows command 'wmic bios get serialnumber' I can't boot into dos for some reason. Asus locked out CSM mode, so I can't use any dos tools.

Change Bios Serial Number

Also, secure boot option is missing, so I can't turn off secure boot to enable csm mode. Zitat von im Beitrag FD44Editor is a tool you could use on Asus bios. Did you try it?

Fd44 module not found error.

If not unplug it and remove the battery and do whatever else is required to clear the BIOS as per the instructions on the HP Web Site then undo what you've done replace the Battery and Mains Adaptor Power Up and when you get the error screen enter BIOS and set the Date & Time at the very least. Save the changes exit BIOS and then reboot. If you still do not get what you need enter BIOS again and change the settings to what you need rather than the Default Settings and then save the changes as you exit BIOS and let her go. You should then have what you want.

Change Bios Serial Number Fujitsu

Asus motherboard serial number location

If not and you did get the BIOS Update from HP you'll need to ring HP for a solution to the problem if one exists.