Cultural Anthropology Ebook

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Cultural Anthropology Ebook

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Ken Guest brings an anthropological and analytical approach to familiar experiences and shows how the tools of cultural anthropology are relevant to a globalizing world. The book's popular 'toolkit' approach is enhanced in this edition with new 'The Social Life of Things' features, which examine everyday objects to see how they connect to global forces and affect local communities. 'Your Turn: Fieldwork' exercises in the text and the companion Fieldwork Journal engage students in practicing anthropology while end-of-chapter discussions ask students to apply what they've learned. Emphasizes globalization and cutting edge research. Cultural Anthopology includes cutting-edge, chapters on 'Race and Racism,' 'Ethnicity and Nationalism,' 'Sexuality,' 'Migration,' and 'Class and Inequality,' and puts every chapter in the context of global change. Jima With an emphasis on globalization throughout the text, Guest includes compelling research conducted by contemporary cultural anthropologists to illustrate the importance of fieldwork in all areas of anthropology.