Debut Program Flow

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Debut Program Flow

18th Birthday Debut Program Flow

When Filipinas reach 18 years of age, it becomes one of their major milestones in life; this signifies their step into the world of adulthood, the coming of age as they say. Minecraft apk for windows 10. The Filipino community will already treat them as “dalaga” — pertaining to a single young Filipina who has passed the stage of puberty or an eligible young Filipina. Accordingly, the parents will now allow their daughter to start dating someone and have a boyfriend. It’s like the parents’ or guardians’ public announcement that their daughter can already be courted by eligible young men or bachelors. In light of this, the parents will give their best to organize a celebration. A traditional debut is composed of programs that takes place during the celebration.

However, today, twists and gimmicks have been added. 'The once overly formal celebration has become fun and exciting yet fairly expressive and descent.' • The parents give a message for the debutante and the guests. • 18 pre-selected males among the debutante’s friends and relatives will compose the 18 roses. They will dance with her one by one in waltz music and then each will give a single long stem red rose. • The last dance is always reserved for the father, or a father figure in case of the biological father’s absence. In some celebrations, the father-daughter dance is separate from the 18 roses while some have both.

Sample Debut Party Program Script


• Next, 18 pre-selected females will deliver a message about their relationship with the celebrant. Finally they end it with a special wish for the celebrant’s success, health, future, etc. Before lighting a candle. • In the event that her father or grandfather isn’t present, the debutante will be given 18 white roses.

This will signify his presence in one of the most important celebrations of his daughter’s life. • The entourage, including the debutante and her escort, will participate in a “Cotillion”, a dance that’s rehearsed for months prior to the celebration and also performed in the tune of waltz music. This is considered as a very significant part of the debut.