Defiant Door Locks Installation

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Lock cylinders, keys, rekeying sets, latch bolts, and padlocks are all in one aisle with the key cutter. The sign details that there is cabinet hardware, nails, and locksets. If you are looking for door locks, you can stumble upon any of the three brand specific displays. There is one for Kwikset, Schlage, and Defiant. Get Defiant R432K5 Instructions / Assembly. Get all Defiant manuals! Sign up to create an account. Defiant Manuals. Turn knob to check if lock functions properly.or25. Insert the key again to check if key functions properly.

Snap off the back cover (opposite where you punch the numbers) by pinching the sides and pulling off. Do not press a pen or anything into the small light, you do not need too. Just pinch and yank off cover. You will see a small light and beside it is a small SET button by the batteries, it is labelled. Press this Set button for 2 seconds.

The red LED will light on the front code side and beep twice to indicate you are in programming mode. Enter your current code that you want to change (factory set is 12345) and then press the button that looks like a little lock on the keypad.

Enter the digits '10' and press the lock button again. Enter the new code (must be six digits) and then press the lock button again. The red light should go on continously for 10 seconds. The code should be effective. Note: if you have problems like we did, you can also remove one battery and press the 'set' button simulataneously when you reinsert the battery. This resets the factory code of 12345. Then you can start over. Durga amritwani video.

For some reason our old code was only 4 digits, but it would not let us reprogram a 4 digit code. It didn't work until we did a 6 digit new code. Posted on Aug 13, 2012.

Defiant Door Locks Installation


Who Makes Defiant Door Locks

For this particular Defiant model: To delete an individual existing user code: • Press SET for 2 seconds. Red light will turn on, beeps twice, and you're now in Programming Mode. • Enter your programming code then press the Lock button (lock 'icon').

Defiant Deadbolt Installation

• Enter 30 (3-then-0), then press the Lock button. • Enter the code you wish to delete, then press the Lock button. • Red light stays lit for 10 seconds. • Existing user code is now deleted (you can test to see if the code still works) To delete ALL existing user codes in one go: • Press SET for 2 seconds. Red light will turn on, beeps twice, and you're now in Programming Mode. • Enter your programming code then press the Lock button (lock 'icon').

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