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The Future of the Delphi Compiler, 64 bit Nick Hodges wrote: Because the compiler is the first step in a complete 64-bit product, we are planning to release a preview of the 64-bit compiler in mid-2009 so that those of you who are. Legacy Pascal compilers, such as Delphi or Free Pascal. Based on compiler version and platform, as outlined in the Conditional Defines topics. Cara download film barat subtitle indonesia.

Delphi 7: Is it possible to put a compiler conditionals in the IDE (like Tools, Environment options) rather than in a project under Project, Options, Conditionals? We have a compiler directive that needs to be defined when compiling on developers' machines, but undefined when we build releases. We don't want to use IFDEF DEBUG, since occasionally we ship code with debugging on. We don't want to use an include file, because we'd risk it getting swept up into our source code control system. Ideally, we would be able to create a compiler directive like we can an IDE environment variable where it wouldn't be saved in our source tree.

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Delphi Ifdef

Delphi Compiler Defines

Delphi Define Compiler Symbol

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Delphi Compiler Defines

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