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Detective Conan Episodes Online Kiss Anime

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A young Conan O’Brien (right) during his phase as a detective. In a recent segment on his show, has a hard time dealing with the fact that the hugely popular manga and anime exists in Japan. Bewildered by the knowledge that he is not the first search result online in Japan, O’Brien goes on to explain that Detective Conan only started a year after he first appeared on television and is thus probably ripping off his act.

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As for Detective Conan, this is a manga that started back in 1994 penned by and has since gone on to be hugely popular and received an equally long-running anime series. The premise has high-school student and detective drink a certain poison that turns him into a child. Adopting the new name of (shown above left), he solves crimes with his friends.

Detective Conan Episodes Online

While O’Brien jokingly wants a piece of the Detective Conan action, he clearly doesn’t realize how deep the rabbit hole goes on Conan related characters in Japan. After all, there’s the very well regarded, which was one of formative works and was a more upbeat adaptation of the novel. However, before O’Brien goes chasing after those sweet Detective Conan profits, he may want to reconsider as he already had brushes with anime in the past. Specifically, on his prior show he used a modified insert of the from that of the iconic mobile suit. Though whether Bandai will want to pursue a model kit variant of that is anybody’s guess. In the meantime, O’Brien has a lot of catching up to do with Detective Conan, as the manga is up to 94 volumes and the anime has over 900 episodes.