Download Codes For 3ds Games

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What to Do: • If you haven't already, set up an Internet connection on the system. • Make sure your system has the latest system update. • From the HOME Menu, select the Nintendo eShop icon. • Select 'Menu,' then select 'Redeem Download Code.' • Tap the box that says, 'Enter a download code.' • Use the touchscreen to enter the download code and tap 'OK.' • If a message appears that says that the code has already been used, it may have already been downloaded to the system. Soy milk benefits for women.

Games that have already been downloaded to your system can be redownloaded from the 'Previously Downloaded Titles' area. • Tap 'OK' again. • Select 'Download Later' or 'Download Now.' • Items downloaded now will begin immediately. • Items downloaded later will begin when the system enters sleep mode.

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Download Codes For 3ds Games

Nintendo Download Code

When you login at the eShop scroll to the settings/other in the top left. From there you can select 'Redeem Download Code'. Just enter the code.

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You don't have to buy your Games for the or the in conventional retail stores: Here you can find and Games Download Codes for the Nintendo eShop. The new Nintendo eShop offers you the ingeniously easy possibility to download the games of your choice directly and experience them on your Nintendo console.

Nintendo 3ds Download Codes

The variety of Nintendo and Games Download Codes available in the Nintendo eShop is constantly increasing – the best games from many different genres, ranging from puzzles to action, racing games and much more, can easily be downloaded via wireless internet connection! Get rid of the need to replace memory cards or switch the CD´s every time you want to play another game: With the Download Codes that you can purchase here, you can comfortably save all the games you download from the Nintendo eShop on your or console. The best and Download Codes are available here at Gamesrocket. Top games for the or at bargain prices: Buy your games as Nintendo eShop Download Codes, play conveniently without changing memory cards, save ready cash thanks to our favorable prices, and look forward to receiving your Nintendo eShop Download Codes quickly via eMail within a matter of minutes. Welcome to Gamesrocket - Your platform for games download. Count down and start playing! Gamesrocket, founded in October 2010, offers a large variety of products in the field of interactive and electronic entertainment.