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Download The EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Demo Today. The playable demo of EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is now available to download worldwide on Xbox 360* and PlayStation 3. This is your first opportunity to experience all the fun, excitement, and drama of.

While the actual tournament is just about 10 months away, the FIFA World Cup 2014 qualifying is well under way. Five countries (including the host nation, Brazil) have already qualified for the tournament, with 27 more to come over the next few months. FIFA 14 World Cup 2014 Video Game Qualifiers EA has it’s tradition of releasing a special edition of FIFA Football/Soccer game for the World Cup hype.

This year however, EA has not announced any such plans. It’s a novelty for the collectors really. There is no real need to buy a FIFA World Cup 2014 video game when you already have FIFA 14.

Makes no sense to have two soccer games around. Said that, EA will be releasing all sorts of goodies during the World Cup 2014 in forms of upgrades, additions, patches, giveaways, etc. FIFA World Cup 2014 Qualifiers FIFA 14 Tutorial As for the Qualifiers, a lot of the usual suspects are leading their respective groups right now, but with plenty of more matches to be played, anything could happen. Let’s see how it breaks down on each of the different continents. In Africa, Ivory Coast, Algeria and Egypt have already secured places in the third and final round, but the final seven spots are still up for grabs. While some of the big name countries are leading the divisions, a few smaller countries could jump up from second place like Uganda, Cape Verde, Zambia and Burkina Faso. Should be an interesting finish.

In the CONCACAF tournament, the United States has a two point lead over Costa Rica but has been playing some incredible football of late. The US national team has won its last 12 international matches and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. While Jamaica looks to be way too far down, the final two spots will come down to a tough battle between Mexico, Honduras and Panama.


One interesting stat which came out of the CONCACAF tournament was a star from the Belize national team scoring 11 goals in just the first two rounds wow. An interesting tournament is the CONMEBOL in South America, with a mix of strong newcomers in addition to the top nations from recent World Cup tournaments. Argentina is leading the group, but Colombia has been surprising many people in its rise to second place. Assuming that the Colombians will qualify, they should be a tough team to handle in the World Cup.

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While there are plenty of strong teams throughout the world, the UEFA group is where the qualifying gets really interesting. The 53 nations were split into 9 groups, all of which include close battles for the top spot. In Group A, Belgium has racked up 19 points after not losing a single match. The argument could be made that their group is not as talented as the others, but that a pretty amazing run. Group C has three countries tied for second place – Austria, Sweden and Ireland. Groups D and F have third-place teams sitting one point out of second. Well before next June the World Cup will be exciting as hell.

Download Fifa World Cup 2014

Following the last few games of each grouping’s tournament should be interesting to see which countries will make the extra jump into the final group of teams. Plenty of countries have very compelling rosters so look out for a new champion this time around to steal the thunder from reigning champion Spain. Who do you think is gonna win the FIFA World Cup 2014?