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WHAT’S THE MEANING? Dubbing is a post-production process in filmmaking that involves replacing the original speech or dialogue with a translated spoken audio. This is a common practice in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain with the aim of translating into the audience’s vernacular.

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The challenge lies in writing a dubbing script that is lip-synchronous with the visual acting on screen. DID YOU KNOW Did you know that Hollywood progressively adopted dubbing to acquire a foreign audience, especially French-speaking people, to patronize in the 1930s? The cultural barrier that exists between nations threatened Hollywood and in response, strategic efforts were made such as subtitling, international sound versions, and multiple language versions, in order to export its products. However, in an attempt to sell The Jazz Singer in Paris, they discovered that subtitling was not enough to convince and satisfy the French viewers, perhaps because subtitling could not fully grasp the essence of the message in light of French culture, as defines dubbing as ‘a compromise accepted by both parties (the French viewers and Hollywood producers)’. It is undeniably true that subtitling is more cost efficient than dubbing because the latter undergoes a more expensive translation mode and thus utilized only by wealthier countries. 'I am constantly looking for different sources to watch all of my favorite Hollywood movies with Hindi subtitles and have found that at Hindilinks4u. This website has given me the opportunity to not only watch some of today's greatest and most popular Hollywood hits but has also given me the opportunity to watch some great Hindi and Bollywood movies as well.

Although I live a long way from where these movies are filmed, once I start watching I am reminded of home! I love this website and would recommend to any Hindi fan!!'

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