Filestream C

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I use a filestream to write a byte array back to a file. Dim filepath As String = 'c: program files ApplicationData.doc' Dim fs As New FileStream(filepath, FileMode.OpenOrCreate, FileAccess.Write)fs.Write(BLOB, 0, CInt (BLOB.Length)) Next Instructions Will code operation stop on the fs.write until the file write operation to disk has completed, or do I need to trap the end of the write operation before allowing my 'Next Instructions' to be exectuted. If so, what code snippit do I need to wait for the completion of the write operation. Thanks, Fred Herring.

C++ Fstream Library

Thanikyou for the quick reply. I found that if I added a fs.close immediately following the fs.write, my application worked properly. I think my application did not like hanging filesteams. Word. Flexi 10 crack. You sparked my interest with your email however.