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Before I review this film, I think you should know how I'm approaching this. I'm an Evangelical Quaker (basically, a Christian who believes that you can reach anyone by being understanding, compassionate, and loving without thumping their head with a Bible) and my father, at one time, was a pastor of a church plant. My faith, even though I abandoned it for about six months and became an Objectivist (an atheist who believes in individualism), has gotten me far in life.

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I suffer from Bipolar disorder, and if you know anything about that would know that having this illness is a truly horrible thing. God is the only thing in my life that has been constantly helping me out in times of crisis. I have seen and been in relationships torn apart by addictions. I also want to be a film director someday. On top of that, I write short stories and novels in my free time. I've studied the craft of good storytelling and I can recognize it when I see it.

On to the review. To put it as blunt as possible: Fireproof is for Christians who are really well off in their faith and have not encountered anything truly wounding to them. It's not their fault, I know, but the fact that film makers are making money off of them for money really ticks me off.

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Christians are a really easy market to milk. Meet the spartans 2008 movie. Every artist knows that. Well, make a mediocre movie that's politically correct, doesn't offend anyone, and put Jesus' name in it and you'll soon find out. People, especially Christians, are so easily mislead to believe that just because the people who made the movie share their beliefs that it must be good even though the film's clearly bad. I love the premise of it.

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The idea of sticking by your partner and helping him or her out because you know that it can work out in the end is really rare nowadays. But they deliver it so poorly that it's laughable. And if you think that I'm being somehow 'anti-Christian' and that this movie is flawless, let me point out all the things in this movie that are flawed: 1) The conversations between the firefighters is so unrealistic.

No curse words at a fire department filled with men? 2) If a guy found out that his wife was flirting with someone at the office with an intent on cheating, his first response should be to take a shotgun, go down where he works and stick it under his chin and say something like: 'I'm going to blow your brains all over the wall if you touch her again.' You do not show him your wedding ring and say, 'Stay away from her. I'll say something even more mean!' You tell him, Mr. You tell that mean doctor! 3) You do not get over addictions instantly after being converted.