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Free sports fonts and how to download them. While creating my baseball treat tags I realized how many great sports font there are out there! I had to do a round up of them!

Have you ever found yourself looking for that perfect font for just the right occasion? Like you, I've looked through my files a million times trying to dig out the best option, only to wonder if I need to dig around online. The other day, I was looking for a font that had the feel of the 'College' sweatshirt that. I found a few in my collection, but ultimately I ended up buying something new because it fit the theme best. College, gym, and athletic-themed design projects can benefit from a font inspired by sports, movement, and dynamism.

Free Athletic Fonts With Tails

Throughout this article, I'll describe some of the best examples available in the marketplace. I'm going to start with Fenway for a few reasons. First and foremost, I'm from Framingham, Massachusetts, and that means I am a huge Red Sox fan. I live in the Phoenix area now, so getting out to see Fenway in person is kind of a big deal, and I did it for the first time since 2008 this past May. I love Fenway — which is part of the reason I own this font.

But it's also because I like the casual and old-school script effect of it all. The way it looks just as at home in a ballpark as it would on the inside of a gym. It's versatile but works nicely for its intended usage. I'm a big fan of — so much so that I talk about them here the. Spills is another font that I have in my personal collection. It's great because it comes with a ton of different options, plus tails.

There are easy instructions on how to get it to work, and then you add your layers on top to give yourself a variety of different looks. I've used it in different sports-related designs (since it very clearly has a baseball-related feel), and I find myself returning to it for all sorts of crazy ideas. You've got the traditional look of a college or athletic font, with just a touch more curves and stylistic options than usual.

Then there's a stroke floating around it just to hammer the point home. Oh, and to top it all off, the whole thing looks like it's been washed and dried to the point that it's perfectly worn. This one's a winner. Authorization key for toad 9.7.2.

Athletic Script Font With Tail

When I first came across this one, I was a little bit on the fence. Is this sporty enough that I'd find it out on the street? Well, lots of fonts in this category do have that stenciled look, and this fits the bill, but the bottom of the letters are flourished out like a whale tail. It's a college-style font, but it's a bit less mainstream.

Free Athletic Fonts With Tails

Use it if you're looking for a style that hints at sports in a less literal sense.