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PSP was launched by Sony way back in the era of feature phones. It was phenomenally brilliant in its own ways but didn’t manage to achieve its goal of becoming a pocket-sized PS2. On PSP you can listen to your favorite songs, watch full-length movies and much more. It was undoubtedly a full-on entertainment device. There was a large library of compatible games that could be played on the device. Some of those games were considered to be graphics intensive at that time and PSP managed to run all of them on the go.

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If you still miss and want to play all those console exclusive games again on your smartphone, then this post is for you. You can use a PSP emulator to run the games which you used to play on PSP, the most popular PSP emulator is the PPSSPP which works on Windows PC, Android smartphones, MAC OS, iOS etc. PPSSPP is one of the most popular as well as easy to use PSP emulator. You will surely have a good time playing all the PPSSPP games. • from the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.

• Now you need PSP ROM for your favorite game that you wish to play on your device. You can easily get the iso file from (Download links are at the bottom of the page). • If you get the PSP iso in compressed form, then you can use any app like 7-zipper to extract the file on your smartphone. The extraction of the ROM will give you an iso file of the game. • Now open the PPSSPP emulator app and browse the game folder within the app to launch it.

• To launch the game click on the iso file of downloaded PSP ROM which will contain the game logo. While running the PPSSPP games you will notice the on-screen controls which will be quite similar to D-Pad and L and R keys. To enhance your gaming experience, you can connect a wireless or USB controller using OTG cable.

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Connecting these peripherals give you a more natural gaming experience. Saving the game at any point is made easy on the emulator, all you have to do is press back button of your Android device and click on “save state” then select one of the available slots. To load the saved game, once you have launched the game press back button and select “load state” to resume the game from the point you saved it. Now you can enjoy playing PPSSPP games from the point you left. How to play PPSSPP Games on your Windows PC? Downloading the PSP ROM and playing the respective game on Windows PC is not much different from doing the same on any Android smartphone. The steps are as easy as they were in the case of Android devices.

• You can download the PPSSPP emulator from the official site for Windows for free. (Download links are at the bottom of the page). • Once downloading the emulator is complete, open the downloads folder and run PPSSPP setup.exe. • Follow the given instructions and install the PSP emulator on your PC. • Search and download the PSP ROM of your favorite game from (Download links are at the bottom of the page). • If the Downloaded PSP ROM is in compressed form then use any software like 7 zip to extract it to get the iso file.