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Discover how to create title templates in Premiere Pro to save time in post and create design consistency between projects! In this post we share tips for creating unique title styles and saving them as templates in Premiere. So, you’ve gone out of your way to create that drop-dead gorgeous text that’s got the ‘wow factor’. Now you’d like to use the same text style for a series of lower thirds for your project.


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Adobe Premiere Pro Cs6 Templates


What are the options that will save you time in this projectand future Premiere Pro projects? Titles Created in Premiere Pro (check out this stylized and gaudy example!) Title Based on Current Title If you try to reuse a title in your timeline and make any changes, those changes will affect every instance of that title in the timeline, so in a way every title is a ‘one shot’ event. However, most editors require there to be continuity between titles in any production and with this in mind Premiere Pro has a simple button at the top of the title creation window that allows you to create a new title based on the current title.

New Title Based on Current Title You can also get this option through the title option in the menu bar: New Title Based on Title Menu Selecting this option will bring up the new title naming box and create a new title icon in your project panel with the name you give it. The new title will look exactly the same as the old one, but any changes you make will be to the new title only leaving the old title unchanged. This is a fast way of making multiple titles that all use the same parameters for the text and formatting with ease. However, unless you export the title it is restricted to your present project only. Creating a New Text Style However, sometimes the title style you have created is so good that you want to use it in multiple waysnot just in the present project but potentially in many other projects. For this, it is wise to create a new ‘Title Style’ which will appear at the bottom of the title styles in your title creation window.

The Title Styles Panel To create a new style simple select the element that you want to use to create the style (in this case the text but it could be any item in the title such as a coloured bar under the text for a lower third) and then go to the panel menu for the title styles panel. Click the little icon in the top right of the panel ( a series of lines with a little down arrow to the left) and from the menu that appears select ‘New Style’. Menu Options in the Title Styles Panel Menu Once selected, a ‘New Style’ naming box will appear with details of the font that you used to create the style as a default name.

Free Premiere Pro Cs6 Templates Downloads

Free Premiere Pro Cs6 Templates

At this point it is important to use a name that means something to you so that you know what it is and why you created it! Once you’ve named it and clicked OK, the new title style will appear at the bottom of the title styles panel and when you hover over it you will see the name you gave it. New Title Style With New Name OK, so now that you’ve created your style you are free to start having a look at how all the other title styles look in your project, knowing that with the click of a mouse you can return to the style you created and not lose anything.