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I got to the end after the pokemon league. I got two questions. 1) how do I get the kanto ticket? 2) where can I get all the starters?

Pokemon X and Y is a single title from the many strategy games, platform games and pokemon games offered for this console. If you enjoyed playing this, then you can find similar games in. Pokemon-x-and-y-gba-zip-file: pokemon x and y gba zip file.

I only was able to find charmander, squirtel bulbasaur mudkip and treecko? Help would greatly be appreciated!!! Edit: where's mystery dungeon?

Edit2: I made it through mystery dungeon and I defeated cell frieza and ssj4 goku. Now I talked to some girl that told me to come back and talk to her after I fill up the hoenn dex fill my trainer card and defeat draco. What does she mean by fill up trainer card?


Edit 3: I have filled up my hoenn dex. I beat draco. And now I have all my frontier symbols except for on. The battle pyramid.

When I try this one the room is pitch black so I feel like I'm getting nowhere. Is this a glitch? I just gotta get this one more symbol then I think i can get my kanto ticket. I watched videos on YouTube and none of them showed them starting in a pitch black room. Edit4:Okay now I'm kinda mad. I filled up my trainer card with gold symbols.

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Completed my hoenn dex. And defeated draco. When I go to talk to that woman in grotto she still tells me that I need to complete all those tasks. Am I missing something here?

Pokemon X and Y Review by: - 7/10 Not the best hack. I decided to try this game out after reading a review about it.

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I thought the review was a little harsh at first, but then I realized that the review was actually pretty accurate (though still a little harsh in it's ratings). Here is what I have to say about Pokemon X and Y.

Overview: Pokemon X and Y is a hack of Pokemon Emerald that adds in Pokemon from the Kalos region. From the title you would think that it is similar to the actual X and Y 3DS games.

The things that change in this hack are the graphics, the Pokemon that are available, the story (sort of, not really though), the map (for lack of a better word. Basically the world and where everything is and how it is set up), and some other things. The major changes are the graphics and the Pokemon available in the game. Graphics: This was a tough category to rate, for me.

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The graphics look really nice. They kind of look similar to the graphics in Light Platinum.

They are definitely a step up from the old Emerald graphics. They definitely look more like something you would find in a DS game than something you would find in a Game Boy Advance game. They only problem is, there are graphical glitches. Lots of them.

You can see just by looking at the screenshots. Some of these glitches include a messed up door opening animation when you enter a building, being able to walk through signs, random things in random places, etc. So while the graphics do look really nice, the glitches make the game unappealing.

Sound: From what I can tell, the sound does not change at all from the original Emerald music and sound effects. It does not use the music from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, like you might expect.

That being said, I like the music in Pokemon Emerald. So I decided to rate it an 8.

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The Pokemon Emerald music is very nostalgic and brings back a lot of good memories. So while the music is not changed, it still sounds good. Addictiveness: How likely am I to play this game again? Very unlikely. It is not a very fun game to play. It is very similar to Pokemon Emerald, only really random and with a lot of glitches.