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Vast Lands of Grandia (Fan page with all things Grandia.) F M (8) added Grandia (SEGA Saturn) on Apr 15, 2003 Other platforms contributed by Caelestis (4943), Jarel Jones (18), GTramp (60831), CrankyStorming (3011) and Entorphane (375). Is anyone still working on a grandia translation? Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. A page for describing Trivia: Grandia. Fan Translation: An English patch for Parallel Trippers was released in September 2011. No Export for You: Digital Several years ago an early preview of a Dragon Force II fan translation patch was released by Verve Fanworks. Although making the Sega Saturn title more playable, a.

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Originally released in 1998, the sequel to one of the best games on Saturn has finally been completely translated into English and the patch is available for download. All of the story, menus, and other random dialog have been translated. Dragon Force is still one of my favorite games ever and the sequel is also great, though the visuals and soundtrack aren't as good as the original.

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This along with the Shining Force 3 games was one of the greatest gems on Saturn that sadly never made it State side. Killer bean unleashed cheats ipad. I imported this game back when it came out and played a few hours of it before giving up due to the fact that I knew absolutely no Japanese. I joined the translation project about a year ago so I've played this in various stages of stubbed in Google translated text. Overall it's a great game and it's just as addictive as the original.

So a while back I made a topic here about translating Lunar Silver Star Story for the Saturn. I got stuck early on and wasn't able to make much progress. However recently members over at SegaXtreme such as Ms.

Tea have been able to make headway due to a somewhat recent iOS port that is based on the Saturn port. So since it's now at a point where there's not much for me to really help with at the moment with that project, I've been snooping around in Grandia's files for the Saturn and PS1.

And it's actually proving to be quite a bit easier to figure out so far due to the following reasons: • The PS1 version and the Saturn version's files are actually quite similar. • The English PS1 version's script is completely uncompressed and in ASCII formatting. • The Saturn version's script is also completely uncompressed, but uses a custom encoding format. • The Saturn version was somewhat recently translated into Korean which has made it easy to isolate where the script is.

• The Saturn version has 2 fonts stored in FDATA.BIN. • There's an uncompressed 8x8 font that has a full English ASCII font for menus. • The rest of the game uses a compressed 16x16 fixed width font. Luckily however members at SegaXtreme made tools to decompress and recompress it years ago. These can be used to replace the font and put it in an order to allow for ASCII formatted text. • The English PS1 version uses a fixed width 8x16 font instead. The games file structure also seems to be pretty straight forward.


The FIELD directory has the following files of interest: • Numerous.MDT files - These contain the games script. In the PS1 version they're now.MDP files. • ITGET.BIN - I'm guessing this is where the menu text lives. This is probably the equivalent of the ITEM.BIN file in the PS1 version.

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• CMDMN.BIN Again this looks like either Menu text, guessing command related based on what's in it and the name. • CNFIG.BIN This again looks to be like menu text, guessing Config menu based on the name. • SHOP.BIN This is most likely Shop Menu text by the looks of things. • SVLD.BIN Again looks to be Menu text, I'm guessing this is for the Save/Load screen based on whats in it and the name. • AMAP#.ADD - I'm not sure what these are, but they were modified in the Korean translation.

Grandia Sega Saturn English Patch

I'm guessing Map screens? • WDATA.DAT - I'm guessing this is Weapons Data. Most of these guesses were made by comparing the Korean, Japanese, and English versions. So with that out of the way, here's some of more fun stuff I've been able to figure out.