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Hello folks I've got a mod called Gulliver that allows you to change the size of the player and other entities, in both singleplayer and multiplayer: Currently Gulliver uses ModLoader and supports ModLoaderMP. Fnaf 1 pc download mediafire full. I would like to add Forge compatibility so my users can play with their Forge-based mods, not to mention that I've been wanting to see how well it works with RedPower sub blocks (drop ceilings & ductwork tunnels!

) Important caveat: Gulliver changes scads of base classes. I plan to reduce the number of base class changes eventually, but I doubt I can get away with not modifying any base classes, considering how much fundamental Minecraft code I've had to adjust to get this mod to work well. So, got any advice for a Forge noob trying to add compatibility for a ridiculously complex but highly amusing mod? Oh by the way, sp614x suggested that I ask you guys to add hooks for render view positioning and perspective changes. I'm still working out the rendering details, but would you be open to making hooks of that sort? Cheers, UncleMion.

Gulliver Mod 1.7.10 Skydaz

Gulliver Mod 1.7.10

Gulliver Mod 1.7 10

Try to use as many Forge hooks as you can. Then try to use Java Reflection to do what is left. For the stragglers, try to make a new hook and try to make it as generic as possible, and submit a pull request for it to be put in to Forge proper.