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  1. Harry Potter 3 Full Movie 123movies

The right word for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is wondersful -- as in full of wonders, great and small. Aug 3, 2013 Full Review. Watch Harry Potter And The Half-blood Prince online at IOMovies. Lord Voldemort's forces are causing havoc both in the Wizarding and Muggle societies. Michael Gambon, Dave Legeno, Elarica Johnson. Directors: David Yates. Harry Potter And The Half-blood Prince 2009 free streaming. Full movie Full movie Full movie Full movie Full movie.


Running time 1179 minutes Country United Kingdom United States Language English Budget Total (8 films) $1.2 billion Box office Total (8 films) $7.7 billion Harry Potter is a British-American based on the novels by author. The series is distributed by and consists of eight, beginning with (2001) and culminating with (2011).

Harry Potter 3 Full Movie 123movies

A series that will consist of five films started with (2016), marking the beginning of the shared media franchise. The series was mainly produced by, and stars,, and as the three leading characters:,,. Four directors worked on the series:,,,. Wrote the screenplay for (2007), while the remaining films had their screenplays written. Production took place over ten years, with the main following Harry Potter's quest to overcome his arch-enemy., the seventh and final novel in the series, was adapted into two feature-length parts. Was released in November 2010, and was released in July 2011. Five of the series' eight films are among the, with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 the highest-grossing film in the series and one of 36 films to gross over $1 billion, ranking at number ten.