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Date Added: 21st September 2017 Want to keep forever? Try looking for Date Removed: 1st February 2018 Available for: 4 months History:: Added to Netflix: Removed from Netflix: Added to Netflix: Removed from Netflix Description: When the mistress of a prominent politician takes a lover, the politician has him murdered. The mistress then begins an obsessive mission of revenge. Certificate: NR Year: 2014 Duration: 2hr 0m Audio: Hindi Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese, Arabic Director: Cast:,,,,,,, RATINGS: LISTS.

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Contents • • • • • • • • • Plot [ ] The film begins with an aged man entering a graveyard to lay flowers on somebody's grave. He hears the noise of someone struggling in a coffin nearby.


To his utmost surprise, he discovers a girl buried alive in the coffin. Minecraft download free pc windows 10 1.13. He takes the girl to the hospital where Police Inspector Anton Varghese (), tells the doctor to let him know as soon as she regains consciousness. The officer guarding the girl's room calls an anonymous person informing him of the girl being alive.

He tries to smother her but she is able to alert the nurse. Inspector Anton is called but the girl manages to escape from the hospital.

The girl is revealed to be Sonika (), the mistress of a powerful and influential political leader Mandar Mhatre (). Sonika is a photography student who is kept isolated and, is tortured by Mandar. She reluctantly finds comfort in her college friend Akshay Bedi () who secretly loves her. They fall in love but Sonika is helpless since she can't tell Akshay about her situation with Mandar. Akshay gets to know the truth and comforts her. They decide to run away to be together and have sex. Sonika is happy and becomes hopeful of having a free life.

Mandar discovers that she has eloped with her lover. Mandar and his men reach Akshay's house and attack him. Sonika begs him to leave Akshay alone but they kill him by tying him to a rope and throwing him in a lake in a car.

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Mandar also buries Sonika alive in a. After she is rescued she vows to exact vengeance upon Mandar. First kills the police officer who tried to kill her. Then she writes a journal describing her torture. She dives into the same lake and puts it in the car.