How To Use Block Launcher

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Critter Cages only work about 80% of the time. You may have to throw more than one.

And yes, they catch almost all types of critters, including dragons! Handy against creepers.

@zhuowei blocklauncher pro keeps crashing when I use it and when I play with my siblings on their ipad and phone like mine with is Alcatel Digitel TCT ONE. To install mods on Minecraft PE using an iPhone, start by searching for the MCPE Addons app in the App Store and downloading it. If you're using an Android, download the BlockLauncher app. Then, navigate to the MCPEDL site, find a mod that you like, and tap the 'Download' link.

Warning though. They work better on some critter than others!

Just throw one at an entity/mob to catch it. Right-click it on the ground to release the captured critter. No, critter cages do not work on Robots. Yes, they work on big critters too, but very rarely. WARNING: DO NOT USE ON TAMED PETS!

Being stuck in a cramped little cage messes with their heads and they will UN-tame!!! Materials: 4 iron ingots and 4 sticks OR 4 crystal shards and 4 Pink Tourmaline. Just face the direction you want to go and right-click the block at your feet.

To continue a set of stairs, or change direction, stand on the last block facing the direction you want to go (the next block MUST be air). Right click the block you are standing on.

How To Use Block Launcher For Minecraft

Stairs down are a little finicky. You'll need to click them right on the last block on a ledge. Another hint: stairs stop when they hit non-air, so the next block in the step direction must always be empty. Materials: cobblestone, gunpowder.

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How To Use Block Launcher With Mods Mcpe

You are allowed to use this mod in your modpack This mod will end your problem with running out of ammo, as you can with it shoot blocks from your inventory! Blocks deal damage depending on how hard it is, and gives serious knockback. For first, you will need to craft a block launching part: Then, you can use it to make a gun: Block Rifle Has high rate of fire, can shoot weaker blocks such as dirt or cobblestone. Block Cannon Can kill most mobs with one shot, but needs more heavy blocks, obsidian, or stone at least. Shotblock Shoots multiple blocks at once, deals high damage at close range.