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May 11, 2018 - To generate an authorization code or license key for your SPSS product, access the 'License Key Center'. If you do not have access, refer to. IBM SPSS Advanced Analytical Products, including IBM SPSS Statistics and IBM SPSS Modeler, can be implemented and licensed in different ways. How your organisation licenses and implements these tools will depend on its requirements.

Access privileges to the IBM SPSS License Key Center The at your company are designated during the software ordering process. These two designated contacts have automatically been given permission to access the IBM SPSS License Key Center and have the responsibility and ownership to manage access to others within your organization. Once your IBM SPSS software order has been processed, both Primary and Site Technical Contacts receive a welcome e-mail containing a link allowing them choose a password. Download music from youtube to mp3 free. Please note that the IBM SPSS License Key Center is hosted by Flexera, this means that you will NOT be able to access your IBM SPSS License Key Center using your IBM ID and password. However, at first logon, you will be able to choose the same password you use to access your online services at

How to request access to your IBM SPSS License Key Center account For the Primary or Site Technical Contact 1. Either use your “Welcome to the IBM SPSS License Key Center” E-mail to access the IBM SPSS License Key Center and setup your password 2.

Or, if you cannot find this e-mail, navigate to the and choose forgot your password to have this Welcome e-mail redelivered. For all other members If you are not the Primary or Site Technical Contact for your company, your access request will have to be approved. Either, ask the Primary or Site Technical Contact for your organization to grant you access. Or, navigate to the and choose don’t have a password to request access.

Complete the form and provide the IBM Software Site Number to access your company’s account. IBM Software Site Number (aka Site Number) You can find your software site number on the Proof of Entitlement Certificate IBM issued at the time of your order. Please contact your company’s Primary contact, Site Technical Contact, or your IBM sales representative if you cannot locate your site number. If you don't know your IBM Sales representative, please dial the general inquiries number at Related information.

Software Installation Instructions Adobe Software is available to Students and Staff. Campus-Owned Machines Contact the to perform your software installation. Faculty and Staff Purchase Microsoft Office 365 University Edition at.

FileMaker Pro Advanced FileMaker's workplace innovation platform makes it easy to design and create custom apps and databases for Windows, Mac, mobile devices, and the web, with multiple means to share solutions with others and to integrate with other technologies. SJSU students can download FileMaker Pro Advanced by completing the instructions on. DocuSign is an application that provides electronic signature technology and digital transaction management services for facilitating electronic exchanges of contracts and signed documents. Lucidchart Lucidchart is an easy-to-use cloud-based application for creating flowcharts and diagrams. To request Lucidchart, complete the appropriate form: Students and Faculty Complete the Staff and Administrators Complete the Microsoft Windows, Office, Project Microsoft Windows and Office are available at low or no cost to Faculty, Staff and Students. Note that Microsoft Project requires management approval.

Ibm Spss License Code

Student, Faculty & Staff Owned Machines Visit. The Office Edition reports to the SJSU central server. For Campus Owned Machines Software installation should be performed by desktop/lab technical support staff. View the to locate your department IT Tech. Faculty & Staff Owned Machines Microsoft Work at Home Software can be ordered at the Microsoft Key Management Only for Desktop Support and IT Tech Personnel provides a way to activate volume license editions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. OnBase is a document management system used by multiple departments on campus to store document images and files on a central server.

Rational License Key Center

OnBase enables scanning, storage, and retrieval of paper documents as well as importing, storage and retrieval of electronic files. Sophos Antivirus Software Sophos antivirus software offers business-grade security protection against ransomware, malicious software and hacking attempts for your personal or campus-owned machine. To download Sophos Antivirus, visit. SAS Statistical Software SAS software is only available to university faculty for university related research. Because SJSU has a limited number of SAS licenses, requests for this software must be approved, please fill out the Software Request form to obtain this software: SPSS - AMOS AMOS software is only available to university faculty.

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