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IBM SPSS Statistics is a computer application that supports statistical analysis of data. It allows for comprehensive data access and preparation. The software has extensive capabilities in analytical reporting, graphics and statistical modelling. Flinders University has a site licence for this product that allows for an unlimited on-campus use. There is also a provision for home access by our staff and postgraduate students.

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SPSS - Update License Code on Existing SPSS Installation. In that folder, you will see a program called either SPSS License Authorization Wizard or IBM SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard. Right-click the License Authorization Wizard icon, and select Run As Administrator. IBM SPSS Customer Portal. License Manager 9.7 Win. Our client base spans across public and commercial organisations and across all key industries. Aug 13, 2015 - At the “Enter Codes” screen, enter the new activation code. By default, this is installed in /Applications/IBM/SPSS/Statistics/21 (Note: Replace. Mar 6, 2015 - This document explains how to update the license code on an existing Installation of IBM SPSS Statistics software for both Mac and Windows.

In 2018 below-listed versions are available on most university-owned computers: • IBM SPSS Statistics 25.0.1 for Windows or Mac • AMOS 25.0.0 for Windows. Our site license is specifically for the use of IBM SPSS in • Noncommercial and University-related research • On-site campus teaching • Administration purposes Under the terms of our license, the software may only be installed on University owned/controlled servers and computers. The software may be installed under any computer operating system currently supported by IBM SPSS.

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It can be installed directly on client desktop computers, University-owned laptops, or on network servers for use by many users simultaneously. Please note: • If any technical assistance with IBM SPSS installation or licensing on University-owned/controlled computers is needed, please contact.

• Flinders Medical Centre employees who are not students or staff members of Flinders University cannot obtain access to IBM SPSS through the University agreement. • The Flinders University site license covers an extensive range of IBM SPSS modules, and this website presents those that are included in our agreement with IBM.

However, it is not financially viable to include in the site license those modules for which there is limited demand. If more specialised IBM SPSS modules or other statistical programs are required by students or staff, they will need to be purchased independently by researchers. The University Statistical Consultant () can be contacted if access to specific statistical techniques are needed, as he/she may be able to provide suggestions for using alternative software. Undergraduate students may use the IBM SPSS software installed in University libraries, labs and computer rooms while on campus (including 24/7 access in the HUB or Central Library). If you wish to use IBM SPSS on your home computer, then you will need to purchase a copy.

There are various versions of the software that are available to students, each with different imposed limitations on functionality and length of the license. Complete information about the various types of licences can be found at this, which also lists official IBM SPSS distributors of statistical software rentals for academic customers. In Australia looks after IBM SPSS sales for students. Undergraduate students, who as part of their study may require access to the IBM SPSS software, and who because of a disability or other medical mobility restriction cannot easily utilise on-campus computers, can also be provided with the software for at home use.

Ibm Spss License Code

To obtain access to the software in such situations, the 'topic coordinator' (on behalf of the student) needs to approach the Flinders University IBM SPSS technical point of contact () to organise the practicalities of software provision. N addition to the possibility of using IBM SPSS installed in University libraries, labs and computer rooms while on campus (including 24/7 access in the HUB or Central Library), each year the university has been purchasing a limited number of copies of IBM SPSS for distribution to postgraduate students free of charge. PhD, Doctorate, Masters by Research, Masters by Coursework (undertaking research projects) and Honours students are all eligible to apply for software. Please note: • It is important for postgraduate students and their supervisors (when endorsing their students' applications) to ensure that this additional 'at home' access to the software, is requested at times of anticipated peak usage, to gain the most benefit from their access to this statistical package.