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Dec 10, 2017 - a DRIVER: 'Display Driver 20. Released in October. The driver installation package contains two drivers (Intel HD Graphics. Top 4 Download periodically updates drivers information of intel hd graphics driver 20 full drivers versions from the publishers, but some information may be slightly out-of-date. Using warez version or not proper intel hd graphics driver 20 driver install is risk.

Intel Hd Graphics Driver

I have a problem with an updated graphics driver for Intel HD Graphics 4600 - V 20. Win 10 automatically pushed this out and it changed everything about my display, especially the way I define and use multiple monitors. I have my laptop (#1) and 2 extra desktop monitors, but after the updated driver I see up to 7 monitors in the settings.

I originally had my laptop #1 duplicated to desktop #2 and extended to desktop #3 and that was perfect. Now I cannot do the same thing in the same way.

I have tried disabling and removing the extra monitors but they continue to reappear. I rolled back to a prior driver which solved the problem but then Windows pushed out the update again and it all went bad.

I cannot disable Windows updates as this is a company policy. I am running on: Dell Precision M3800 Originally WIn 7 - upgraded to Win 10 V1607 Build 14393.447 Intel i7-4702 HQ CPU @ 2.20 GHZ 16 GB memory 64 Bit (x64) processor. Intel HD Graphics 4600 NVIDIA Quadro K1100M I also use a USB dock - Dell D3100 which uses DisplayLink.

After the video driver updated, as part of troubleshooting, I tried uninstalling and re-installing the latest DisplayLink software (V8.0.923.0) but that did not help. My device manager currently lists 4 Generic Non-PnP and 3 Generic PnP monitors even though I don't actually have all of them.

Intel Hd Graphics Driver Update

I posted this problem to the Intel support community and here is the Intel Reply: Thank you for contacting the Intel community. The best option here is to contact Microsoft for them to stop pushing out the update in your system; however, you can try installing the latest generic driver provided by Intel. In this case, I recommend uninstalling the old driver first; please see, once the driver is uninstalled, restart your system and then install the generic driver manually, please see The latest driver you can download it here: Note: Intel provides for general purposes. Your may have altered the features, incorporated customization, or made other changes to your driver. Intel recommends you contact your computer manufacturer for the latest system specific updates and technical support information. So based on Intel's suggestion, I would like Microsoft to stop pushing this driver update. Also, I want to roll back to the last version of the driver prior to 20., but I don't have the version number.

Intel Hd Graphics

I'm not sure what version the 'rollback' option in device manager will roll back to since I've gone through multiple installs and uninstalls since the inital upgrade nearly two weeks ago. Can someone direct me to it? I have tried several versions including Intel's latest driver, but it is definitely not the same driver I had prior to 4531. And, besides, every time I've done it, the Windows auto-update overlays it again, in short time. I don't know if this will help, but I hope it does.

I have a Dell Inspiron 15 R 7520. The Dell techs I talked to told me it would be better to use the instead of opening up the Device Manager to update the drivers from there.

Before I realized or knew about the utility, I did try to update my Intel Graphics drivers using the Device Manager. It does show whether or not you have the latest drivers, and in my case, it showed that the drivers succeeded installing.

Something wasn't right, though, and my desktop would flash really quickly during startup, and some of the games I played on Facebook would glitch or either the screen wouldn't open up all the way. I did a search and found the Intel Driver Update Utility. After the utility was on my desktop, it searched for the latest dirvers for my laptop. It showed that the drivers I tried to install using the Device Manager didn't install completely.

Intel Graphics

It suggested that I finish installing those drivers by using the Utility. Sure enough, it completed downloading those drivers and my problem went away. I always use the utility now right before a Patch Tuesday comes up. I also go to the manufacture's site which is Dell and check for the latest BIOS drivers before Patch Tuesday. This will save a lot of headache and trouble if you check for the latest drivers before receiving security updates, cumulative updates or before upgrading to the newer version because Windows Update doesn't always automatically check for those updated drivers.

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