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IWC watch serial numbers and production dates. F series onward watches have a total number of watches per type (ie. White dial, Black dial, PVD, Brushed, Polished, etc). Serial Number This is the serial number of the watch, and increments with production. The newer the watch, the higher the number. Year Letter A letter that appears before the production number dates Panerai watches.

Omega is a classic Swiss brand of watch that carries a lot of history. They have been making watches since 1848, and carry a lot of prestige within the luxury watch industry. Like many watch manufacturers, Omega uses a serial number system to keep track of when a timepiece was made and to mark its authenticity.

If you own an Omega watch, it's possible to find its year of production based on the serial number etched into it. The table below displays the serial numbers used in specific years up to 2008. It's important to remember that some of these number ranges ran over several years or for less than a year, so this data should be used as an approximation only. A note on Omega watches produced after 2008: The table below has data for watches up to 2008. If you are looking to determine the date of a contemporary watch, it's best to contact Omega directly. A note on Omega Speedmaster watches: This popular watch had its own serial number system for many years. You can find this information in the separate table beneath the first.

My friend is trying to sell me his IWC Portuguese 3714 which he bought about a year ago off ebay. I love the watch but am leary of anything not from an AD but can't pass up a good deal so I am considering it. When inspecting it, I noticed a couple of issues that I can't seem to make sense of that hopefully I can get some help with. 1st: On the dial, the number 4 isn't curved like I have seen with the gen. Is this a fake dial? 2nd: The papers appear to have the model number and serial number lightly scratched out with a simple '3714-45' filled in.

Huge red light here. 3rd: There is a fish on the crown, is this accurate for this model? It appears to me the movement is genuine but you guys can probably tell better than me. Is it possibly a franken watch with a fake case/dial and gen movement? My friend has graciously allowed me to keep it for the night to 'inspect' it. So let me know if additional pictures would help.

Iwc Serial Number Check

Looking forward to the responses. Appreciate the response and thanks for the link.

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Rolex Serial Number Check Stolen

The picture looks similar but I cant say it is exact, very minor differences. For instance 'SCHAFFHAUSEN' is lined up with the middle of the 3 numeral whereas this watch has it slightly below. Also 'SWISS MADE' at the bottom appears to be smaller than in the picture/video.

Also,any thoughts on the paperwork? Those were obviously changed and you can see the slight discoloration in the picture where the real information was erased. I would feel a lot more comfortable if there was matching paperwork.