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Jackie Chan Full Movie Youtube

Jackie Chan Full Movie List

Find bio, credits and filmography information for Jackie Chan on AllMovie. Only when he began playing for laughs did Chan truly attain full celebrity status. Octopus android unlocker free software. Received the nickname 'Jackie' from a coworker while working construction in Australia.

Jackie Chan is one of the most well-known actors in the world staring in over 150 movies and earning dozens of various awards. Most notable for his martial arts skills, Chan performed many of his own stunts throughout his career. His talent seemingly knows no bounds over the years as he’s taken professional roles in directing, producing, and even singing. His long career in show business has earned him spots on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, as well as the Hong Kong equivalent.

Jackie Chan Full Movie ListList of jackie chan movies

Starting in the mid-1970s and continuing on to modern times, Chan has been inspiring people around the world. Chan’s career started in 1976 in Hong Kong where he grew up when he was invited to star in New Fist of Fury. The producer had seen Chan perform martial arts and wanted him to take on the style of a quickly rising star, Bruce Lee. Windows 10 yamaha midi music downloads songs. The film wasn’t as popular as expected, but the producer Lo Wei still saw something in Jackie.

Jackie Chan All Movies List 2018

His first major success was seen in the movie Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow where Chan was allowed to perform his own martial arts style. No longer in the shadow of Bruce Lee, Jackie thrived performing his own stunts with a style he was familiar with. This was the beginning of a long full movie list that would encompass a life-time of great films. By the 1980s Chan was starting to become established as a world class actor. However, his success in Hollywood remained limited as fans favored familiar American actors. After dabbling in Hollywood in the early 80s and failing to land a large role, he moved back to Hong Kong where his career would start to take off.