Jai Shri Krishna

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Shri Yamuna is the fourth element of Shrinathji. Shri Yamuna is the daughter of Surya (Sun) and sister of Yam. She is symbol of Mukti from the evils of Yam and light.

Jai Shri Krishna

Yamunaji is the “ISHT DEVI” of Pushtimarg. Her another name is Kalindi also. She is also the daughter of Surya. She is the fourth patrani of Krishna but Yamunaji the daughter of Surya is beloved of Shri Krishna and not the wedded wife. She is the fourth Swamini. Radha is the First beloved of Shri Krishna (Radha is the reverse of Dhara).

Dhara takes away the being from Lord Shiva due to its TRIGUNATMA character. On the contrary Radha with the strength of Bhakti and Samarpan makes atma meet parmatma.


Sacred beloved of Krishna is Gopanga. Third beloved of Krishna is Gopanga. Free download mahabharat serial star plus. Third beloved of Krishna is “ Ananya Purva ” a daughter of Rishi who did Katyani Vrat. Yamunaji had emerged from the heart of Surya Narayan and landed at Mount Kalindi.

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She had flown on the earth for the benefit of its disciples to have Bhakti Bhav. Yamunaji is the melted form of Bhakti Rass liquified image. She has three images. • Yamunaji the river in its Bhakti Swarup in the form of flow of water. • Religiously it is ultimate of Mahatma. • Mythologically she carries garland of lotus in her hands for Lord Krishna.

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Religious form of Yamunaji is visible to all. Mythological image can only be known through experience. Shri Vallabhacharya has described this Yamunastak. Where there is Krishna there is Yamunaji. She is like Krishna. Krishna is black as is Yamunaji. Krishna is king of kings.