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The official website of Josh Groban for news, tour info and official store. Josh Groban is the debut studio album by singer Josh Groban.The track 'You're Still You' charted at #10 on the Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart, and 'To Where You Are' charted at #1 on the same chart.

In this Sept. 18, 2018 photo, Josh Groban poses for a portrait in New York to promote his new album “Bridges”. (Photo by Christopher Smith]/Invision/AP) While Josh Groban is perhaps best known as a singer, acting was also an early focus prior to his career in the music industry. Groban, the product of an arts curriculum, focused on theater at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, where he graduated in 1999. His vocal career took off shortly thereafter in the early 2000s. One of his more notable early acting roles was a recurring spot in the fifth season of Ally McBeal in 2001.

But it was comedic appearances, often in cameo roles, in sitcoms like The Office, Parks and Recreation and, perhaps most notably, I t’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, that garnered him some of his most unexpected praise, exposing him to a new audience. In 2016, Groban embraced his then-biggest role, making his Broadway premiere as the socially awkward Pierre Bezukhov in the musical Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812. That natural progression from smaller roles and cameos through Broadway served Groban well as he embraced his first starring sitcom role this year in Netflix’s. “You know, it’s not every day you get offered a lead role in a new television show,” joked Groban of a character that was developed by creator Andy Breckman specifically for him. “I said to my manager, ‘This is not normal to get something like this. Let’s take a break.’ I was feeling a little fried in the studio anyway,” continued Groban of his experience working on his eighth studio album Bridges at the time The Good Cop role was presented to him. In the first ten episodes of the family-friendly comedy-drama, which remain available for streaming via despite the fact it wasn’t renewed, Groban portrays Anthony Caruso Jr., a New York police lieutenant who does things the right way, opposite sitcom legend Tony Danza ( Taxi, Who’s The Boss?) who portrays Caruso’s father, a corrupt ex-cop.

Josh Groban and Tony Danza attend ‘The Good Cop’ Season 1 Premiere at AMC 34th Street on September 21, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images) Groban’s latest studio album Bridges was released the same day as The Good Cop. Following his 2015 album Stages, which consisted of Broadway covers, and his 2016 starring turn, Bridges features a return to songwriting for the singer, who co-wrote nine of the album’s twelve tracks. “ It was something that was kind of bubbling in me for a long time.

There have been experiences in the past where it takes a minute to get the ball rolling until you find your inspiration and with, it just happened right off the bat,” said Groban of the writing process this time around. “ Writing with people like Bernie Herms and Toby Gad, Steve Jordan and all these people, you just come up with ideas that you are so happy are coming out of the speakers. So this is the most inspired I’ve been making music in a really, really long time. And, to me, there’s a real energy on the album that expresses that excitement. I felt like doing all the other things – making a musical theatre record, doing Broadway – it made my voice stronger.” Groban is obviously renowned for his voice – and for good reason – but he’s an underrated storyteller. In his dual role of performer and master of ceremonies on the concert stage, he paces the show and engages the audience via his spinning of tales and delivery of anecdotes.


And while aware that it’s important to connect with any song he’s going to sing, Groban acknowledges that the ability to impart something personal can often make a great song transcendent. “When I was working with Rick Rubin a few albums ago, he taught me a lot about songwriting and the process of it and what needs to go into it. One of the things he said was, ‘Your goal, when writing songs for one of your albums, is that the stories are coming from you instead of just being presented by you as a great vocalist,’” Groban said of the legendary producer who was at the helm of his 2010 album Illuminations. “When you have a chance to write a song that is a favorite of fans and also is based on your experiences, I think it changes the way you connect with your fanbase.

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Because I think there’s a bit of a lack of original music in this kind of crossover world.” Imparting that sense of a personal experience is something at which Groban is particularly adept in the live setting. Whether it’s a familiar cover by an artist like Billy Joel or well-known fare from films like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or Once, his ability to frame his most personal songs around stories and a voice that make the covers his own, allow the Groban-penned cuts from Bridges to resonate with any audience member, new or old, pushing the genre forward in the process. “Through all of it, [one of my] favorite things in the entire process is touring,” said Groban of the he headlines alongside Idina Menzel.