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Kenneth Bruce Gorelick (born June 5, 1956 in Seattle, WA), better known by his stage name Kenny G, is a Grammy winning American saxophonist. His fourth album, Duotones, brought him breakthrough success in 1986. Kenny G's main instrument is the soprano saxophone, but he also on occasion plays alto and tenor saxophone. He started playing the saxophone when he was 10 years old, in 1966. Kenny G has long been the musician many jazz listeners love to hate.

Jan 23, 2015 - 2015 Concord Music Group, Inc. Kenny G has had one of the most. 2, Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars), 07:31, 96/24, Album only.

Kenny G Discography All Albums Torrent Download

A phenomenally successful instrumentalist whose recordings make the pop charts, Kenny G's sound has been a staple on adult contem.

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Kenny G Discography All Albums Torrent Download 2017

If you're familiar with, you know that we've dedicated over two decades to supporting jazz as an art form, and more importantly, the creative musicians who make it. Our enduring commitment has made All About Jazz one of the most culturally important websites of its kind in the world reaching hundreds of thousands of readers every month. However, to expand our offerings and develop new means to foster jazz discovery we need your help.

Kenny G Songs Mp3 Download

You can become a sustaining member for a modest and in return, we'll immediately hide those pesky Google ads PLUS deliver exclusive content and provide access to for a full year! This combination will not only improve your AAJ experience, it will allow us to continue to rigorously build on the great work we first started in 1995. OK, onto the album, the merits of which I've neglected for nearly 500 words. Gorelick's fans might point this out and accuse me of a juvenile episode of literary diarrhea undertaken for no reason other than taking easy cheap shots with no intent of giving credit where due.


I beg to differ: In a very legitimate sense the G man's ability to inspire passion with rampant simplicity is perhaps the ultimate key of his success. Duets, when judged with the grade curve necessary of his albums, is neither a triumph nor an abomination. Dragon age inquisition version differences.

Its strongest element is diversifying beyond the usual collection of cotton candy ballads thanks to the range of guest performers. But this comes at the expense of some embarrassing performances by musicians I respect and exposure to too many unable to be embarrassed.

First, the two collaborations with players that were my greatest fear: 'Pick Up The Pieces' is a trivial funk riff with Sanborn that might have been catchy if either performer ventured beyond the melody, but it's not so awful as to embarrass the alto guest. And brace yourself: Gorelick's collaboration with Sandoval on a pop ballad version of 'At Last' is actually a staggering triumph of competence.

It's hardly exceptional, but phrasing dabbles beyond pure pop into some basic jazz with real interplay between the saxman and trumpeter against a '40s-style backdrop. Most of the rest of the album consists of those pop ballads that normally appear one or two at a time on smooth jazz albums in order to boost radio appeal. Resident evil 4 free online. The G man's vocal dancing around his guests varies so little that after a while he almost disappears from the conscious forefront, at which point at least a couple of songs become acceptable. Knight isn't bad on 'Misty' and Chaka Khan mixes mellow with a bit of growling nicely on 'Beautiful.' But mostly it's pathetic ear candy, from Rimes on '(Everything I Do) I Do It For You' to the sleepy 'The Music That Makes Me Dance' with Barbra Streisand. To say I would never recommend this album or purchase it for anyone is inaccurate.

The audience for this type of music is vastly larger than those listening to 'real' jazz, plenty of my friends and relatives included. I might make it a mandatory listen if I were teaching a music journalism class, as a way of measuring students' creativity and objectivity - sort of like making debate members argue the opposite of their true position.

Download Mp3 Kenny G

My own essay, by the way, probably rates a 'D-plus' due to its obvious predisposition against fairness and excessive length. Finally, it must be noted I was downcast when I started playing this album and lighthearted by the end. No matter how that came about, it means the G man managed to emotionally engage me, something many more 'accomplished' albums fail to achieve. Accordingly, and recognizing he can achieve this in his intended way with a large crowd, it seems only fair to show respect by refraining from any final potshots. Anyone needs me, I'll be surfing over at. Track Listing: 1.

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You - (featuring LeAnn Rimes); 2. At Last - (featuring Arturo Sandoval); 3. I Believe I Can Fly - (featuring Yolanda Adams); 4. Careless Whisper - (featuring Brian McKnight); 5. Beautiful - (featuring Chaka Khan); 6. Pick Up The Pieces - (featuring David Sanborn); 7.

Free Kenny G Music Albums

Baby Come To Me - (featuring Daryl Hall); 8. Misty - (featuring Gladys Knight); 9.