Lenovo Change Serial Number

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Hi All, Our company just bought 3 off lease Lenovo T410 laptops from a company we often deal with. All of them have had their serial number stickers removed. The serial number in BIOS has also been changed to something nonsensical, like 1234yyy. The baseboard serial number appears to be correct in BIOS however. So, I am wondering: 1)How concerned should I be about these being stolen? 2)Is there another place inside the case that would have the serial number? 3)Can I look up the system info using the baseboard serial?

Lenovo Change Serial Number

4)Assuming everything is legit, if I cant locate the actual serial number for these units, I will need to change the serial in BIOS so Spice Works doesn't see the three units as being the same system. How do I go about that? We bought Lenono T400's and T410's a couple years back, the T410's have eSATA and i5's I believe so they are still quite nice. I wouldn't worry too much about the serial numbers as these systems came with OEM Windows. Travel dua islam.

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It's not like someone can transfer an OEM license (it would be quite difficult). I can't remember if they have a built in recovery image/partition but if not you can get the recovery CD's from Lenovo. Use those or the built-in image to restore the unit to factory settings (should be Windows 7 or Vista unless you downgraded to XP, even then the image should be 7).

Once Windows is validated/verified you should be set to go, that goes off the built in MAC I believe. Just a suggestion. Robert3914 wrote: People normally do not remove the stickers or fudge the BIOS unless they are trying to hide something. If they were off lease then try to find out who the leasing company is and get further information from them. These sound like 'off the desk' of a local company, not off-lease. There is no reason to nuke the BIOS serial number. The only reason I could see, is that the motherboards were replaced, but I'd think they'd re-enter the original serial number.

How to find serial number of Lenovo laptop from Linux last updated May 2, 2018 in Categories CentOS, Debian / Ubuntu, Linux, RedHat and Friends, Suse I need to list serial number of Lenovo laptop to check warranty.

Dell Change Serial Number In Bios

Changing the BIOS serial number usually requires 'shady' tools that won't be discussed in SW forums.all the more reason to suspect they're stolen and that you should endeavor to get your money back. @Kimboaticus, Hi I joined to ask if you ever got a resolution to this question? I have a T410 that had a hard drive failure recently and it turns out it also has a S/N 1234YYY and fake machine number. It is also missing the S/N sticker from the bottom of the body. The user likes it mainly due to familiarity with Win7 and the machine in general and is highly resistant to a change but without legit information I can't even reinstall windows to a new SSD for them.