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But for seventeen-year-old Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) it’s a bit complicated: he’s yet to tell his family or friends he’s gay and he doesn’t actually know the identity of the anonymous classmate he’s fallen for online.Also starring Josh Duhamel, Katherine Langford and Jennifer Garner, LOVE, SIMON is “everything we need right now.

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Parents need to know that Love, Simon is a dramedy based on the YA novel. It focuses on a high school senior () who finds the confidence to come out after corresponding with an anonymous friend online. It's not as edgy as many teen movies, but there's still some iffy stuff. Two homophobic teens tease and prank Simon and another gay student, calling them 'f-g,' 'fruity,' and 'she.' And in the school cafeteria, they climb on a table and mime anal sex.

Love simon online full movie free

Love Simon Free Online Full Movie

Love Simon Online Full Movie

Administrators and fellow students alike condemn the display and support Simon and the other student, ultimately cheering when two gay students kiss (there's other kissing, too). Teens drink beer and play drinking games at a party; one comes home drunk, and his parents decide not to do anything because he didn't drive drunk and came home by curfew. Street fighter 4 champion edition update. One joke refers to huffing paint, others to masturbation, 'H.J.s,' and Grindr. But overall, sex is referred to in not-very-graphic terms. A boy blackmails Simon to get time with Simon's cute female friend, and Simon goes along with it; he later atones, but the friend rightfully feels exploited.

Language includes one use of 'f--k,' plus 'dumbass,' 's--t,' 'goddamn,' and 'a--hole.' All of this said, the movie is positive and affirming, with messages of courage, integrity, and empathy. Characters are accepting of all of their friends' and family members' traits, including being gay, and are loving and supportive. LOVE, SIMON's Simon Spier () has a great life. He loves his family, he has friends, and he's doing well in school. There's just one big secret he's been keeping for a while: He's gay, and he's not sure whether he wants everyone to know.

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But when another boy comes out anonymously on the school's social media page, Simon makes a new friend who gives him the confidence to accept who he really is. Trouble looms, however, when Martin (), an abrasive fellow cast member in the school's production of, gets hold of Simon's private emails and threatens to post them on the school's page if Simon doesn't convince his friend Abby () to hang out with Martin. Simon's secret is leaking out, and he's afraid. Can the people who are close to him love him just the way he is? And will he ever meet his pen-friend in person and find true love at last? Tender, sweet, and affecting, this is the mainstream romcom that gay teens might not have even known they needed. But when they watch it, they'll find themselves deeply reflected.

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Aside from art-house movies, which don't play in many of the places lots of young people live, gay teens aren't the stars of movies. They may be the wacky, bitchy best friends (who never get a love interest) or only recognizable via subtext, in longing glances, pregnant pauses, or dialogue that circles around something but doesn't quite get there. In Love, Simon, Simon's gayness is front and center, right in the first lines of the movie's dialogue.

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But the conflict isn't 'how will this poor tortured homosexual live his poor tortured life?,' it's whether Simon can accept himself and move confidently into his adult life as a gay man. Spoiler alert: He does, and he's accepted by his circle of photogenic friends and kind, supportive parents -- heck, even the whole dang school, which gathers (unrealistically) to clap when Simon (further spoiler alert!) gets the guy. This movie isn't particularly quirky or deep; it's predictable, the characters are fairly thinly drawn, and both cheese and corn make their presence known.