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Koi mil gaya trailer. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the Mahabharat. BR Chopra's Mahabharat was shown on TV in the 90s and I was subsequently glued to the television every sunday with my entire family. Recently the Mahabharat has been adapted twice for TV. The first one was the disastrousĀ attempt by Ekta Kapoor (Kahani Hamare Mahabharat Ki), which infuriated me so much that I stopped watching it after the first few episodes. The more recent attempt by Star Plus is, while not perfect, at least watchable. However, I still get frustrated by the apparent lack of research that has gone into re-making this epic.

Mahabharat Episodes Star Plus Youtube

Entire sub-stories have been glossed over. The story of Shantanu and Ganga reduced to a couple of hasty scenes. The characters too are disappointing. Heroes of might and magic 2 download.