Manual Instrucciones Lavadora Indesit Win 110

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Motor de lavadora indesit WIN 110 HX6M8I 3 Welling 220-240V 50/60HZ c155 POWER. Lavadora INDESIT. Capacidad 7 kilos. Incorpora manual de instrucciones. Manual de instrucciones lavadora indesit IWC-61051.pdf. How To Win Friends and Influence People. Brushcutter (Parts Manual in English) SUNNY 610 MPMAN TV297DVBT S2950 indesit win 110 manual instrucciones en espaA. Arrange your home collection and get entered into our free. Machine parts Indesit wi 62 service manual Indesit win 82 service manual Indesit washing. Download: Operating instructions, user manual, owner's manual, installation manual, workshop manual, repair manual, service manual, illustrated parts list.

Forza 4 free download 4 GB Care and maintenance Cleaning the pump The washing machine is fitted with a self- cleaning pump which does not require any maintenance. Sometimes, small items (such as coins or buttons) may fall into the protective pre-chamber at the base of the pump.! Make sure the wash cycle has finished and unplug the appliance. To access the pre-chamber: 1.

Take off the cover panel on the front of the machine by first pressing it in the centre and then pushing downwards on both sides until you can remove it (see figures). Unscrew the lid by rotating it anti- clockwise ( see figure): a little water may trickle out. This is perfectly normal. Clean the inside thoroughly.

Screw the lid back on. Reposition the panel, making sure the hooks are securely in place before you push it onto the appliance. Checking the water inlet hose Check the inlet hose at least once a year. If there are any cracks, it should be replaced immediately: during the wash cycles, water pressure is very strong and a cracked hose could easily split open.! Never use second-hand hoses. Cutting off the water and electricity supplies • Turn off the water tap after every wash cycle. This will limit wear on the hydraulic system inside the washing machine and help to prevent leaks.


• Unplug the washing machine when cleaning it and during all maintenance work. Cleaning the washing machine • The outer parts and rubber components of the appliance can be cleaned using a soft cloth soaked in lukewarm soapy water. Do not use solvents or abrasives. • The washing machine has a “Auto Clean” programme for its internal parts that must be run with no load in the drum.

For maximum performance you may want to use either the detergent (i.e. A quantity 10% the quantity specified for lightly-soiled garments) or special additives to clean the washing machine. We recommend running a cleaning programme every 40 wash cycles.

Manual Instrucciones Lavadora Indesit Win 1102

To start the programme press buttons A and B simultaneously for 5 seconds (see figure). The programme will start automatically and will last approximately 70 minutes. To stop the cycle press the START/PAUSE button.