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The triumphant story of the Marlboro cigarettes began in 1847 in England. Season The new brand was named after the Marlborough Street in London.

In 1902 Philip Morris, a British cigarette manufacturer, founded a subsidiary corporation in New York. Marlboro cigarettes were introduced to the U.S. Market as the cigarette of choice for fairer sex. Marlboro women's cigarettes were advertised under the slogan 'Mild as May'. A series of ads in 1926 depicted a feminine hand reaching for a cigarette. The special design of Marlboro cigarettes featured a tip, which hid lipstick marks that women would leave while smoking.

However, the Marlboro cigarettes brand faltered During World War II and had to be taken off the market. This brand was again submitted to the market in the 1950's when many smokers began to worry about the health aspects of their habit.

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At the time, the majority of cigarettes were not filtered. Since Marlboro filtered cigarettes were previously oriented mainly to the female smoking audience, Phillip Morris decided to extend the range of customers, touching the group of addicted male smokers who were afraid of acquiring lung cancer. Therefore advertising strategies were completely revised.

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Marlboro Cigarettes Types And Strengths Examples

As a result the 'Tattooed Man' campaign got under way in 1955. The new advertisements popularized the image of rugged men (a cattle rancher, a Navy officer, a flyer), - 'whose tattooed wrist suggested a romantic past, a man who had once worked with his hands, who knew the score, who merited respect'. The new Marlboro smokers were portrayed smoking while performing manly tasks.